Angel Reese shakes TikTok, flaunting her moves dancing with Shaquille O’Neal

reese o'neal


Angel Reese knows how to move like no one else on the court, as evidenced by the 2,045 points, 1,324 rebounds, and 209 assists he has accumulated in her career. However, the LSU Tigers forward also has the moves on the dance floor, as she showed in a video alongside Shaquille O’Neal that she just posted to her Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Reese is one of the dominant personalities in NCAA women’s basketball, and surely a great career awaits her in the WNBA when she decides to take the step toward professionalism. Her talent and beauty have made her stand out above most players of her generation and, furthermore, she is not alone.

For some time now, four-time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal has taken LSU’s forward under his wing, to the point that he was her escort during LSU’s Senior Day earlier this week.  The relationship between these two icons on the hard court arose from a powerful common point: Shaq is also a Louisiana State University product, where he left a legacy of 1,941 points, 1,217 rebounds, 152 assists, and 412 blocks in just three years.

Angel has the flow

In the short video, Angel lipsyncs to rapper Latto’s “Put It On Da Flo.” The player wears a pink outfit with an open blouse that shows her abdomen and a blue top.  Behind her, Shaq, dressed in a black T-shirt, also moves slightly to the beat as he watches his protégée move with grace and smoothness that offers a stark contrast to the quick and powerful movements she performs on the basketball court.

The video is accompanied by a pair of superimposed images of both players. Angel put a sign over the video that says: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE GOAT! SUCH A BLESSING TO HAVE AN AMAZING PERSON LIKE YOU IN MY LIFE! LOVE YOU ALWAYS LEGEND!!”

In the coming days, Reese and her Tigers will play in the SEC Tournament. The quarterfinals will take place on Friday, March 8 and the semifinals will be played on Saturday the 9th. On March 20 and 21, they will play the First Four of the NCAA Tournament, and between the 22nd and the 25th, they will play the First Round.

The forward has not yet announced whether she will enter the 2024 WNBA Draft or take the extra year of eligibility her class received due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever her decision, two things are certain: she will continue to impose her law on the court and will continue to have O’Neal’s unconditional support.


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