Andy Reid Reveals Kansas City Chiefs Comeback Plan: “You Can Hang Your Head or You Can Face The Facts”

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HC Andy Reid and his team the Kansas City Chiefs are faced with a situation they are not used to being in. They went up against The Broncos this Sunday on the back of six consecutive wins. Also, the record streak of 16 straight wins of the Chiefs against the Broncos including the win just two weeks ago 19-8, the records were favoring the Chiefs.

What happened in the game was hard to believe for the fans. The Broncos made the comeback of the ages and staged a comprehensive win 21-9. While Russell Wilson registered an astounding three TDs his counterpart Patrick Mahomes could not manage to make a single TD in the game. Overall the Chiefs made numerous mistakes that could have been avoided.

Andy Reid is sure that the Chiefs will bounce back

Before this, the Chiefs had lost just one game at the start of the season against the Lions 21-20. Well, that was a pretty close contest. The big defeat handed by the Broncos is a hard pill to swallow. As we know the Chiefs have a tendency to come back stronger. In a recent interview, Matt McMullen asked Reid about this “Historically speaking your teams have tended to bounce back pretty quickly after tough losses. I’m just curious what goes into that process of learning from the previous game but also flushing it and moving on?” The Chiefs’ HC provided his views on why he is sure that the Super Bowl champs will make a comeback.

Reid acknowledged and explained, “You have got to learn from it and there are a couple of ways to go about it. You can hang your head or you can face the facts and try to get better”. About taking the second route he said “So we have tried to go about it that way, make ourselves a better team, I don’t know if that ties into wins or losses after a bad game“. While showing confidence in the Chiefs’ approach he added “That’s the way we approach it.”

He further added, “We have got good players here and have good coaches and there’s a small margin between winning and losing in this league so you’ve got to stay on top of your game all the time“. Well, as Reid talked about areas of improvement, his players are gearing up to show their A-game in a different time zone. The next game is taking them to a different continent. It will surely play a huge role in the team’s overall performance.

The Chiefs vs the Dolphins: Battle of the Aces

While the Broncos are heading for a bye week after the win. The team from the AFC West division will be facing the formidable force of the Dolphins in Germany. QB Tua Tagovailoa is turning all strides with his performances and the squad is presently first in the AFC East standings so far. Considering the fact that the Dolphins’ offense has more weapons (Tyreek Hill), it appears that the team will prevail in a “high-scoring, tight game.”

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But again, one shouldn’t ignore that the Chiefs have another first-place schedule this season, coming from a 14-3 season where they dominated as Super Bowl champs. However, the Chiefs fans must hope that the ball is held back, giving the opponent that extra chance. And then, a coach like Reid is known for his game-changer tactics. The match will begin on Sunday at 10:30 ET at the Deutsche Bank Park Stadium in Frankfurt, Germany. Stay with us and find out more interesting updates coming your way right away.


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