After Becoming The ‘Next Big Thing’, Tom Brady’s 21-Year-Old Sweetheart Lives Her Life Like Gisele Bündchen

maya & tb


Tom Brady has always been a topic of discussion in NFL diaries. The calm and kind behavior he displays toward his fans is what makes them love him so much. Just like Uncle Tom, Maya Brady also possessed such qualities. Brady’s beloved niece has been a trendy figure for a while now. Maya has already attracted enough fans, just like Brady’s Ex-wife, Gisele.

Amidst retirement, Tom decided to focus more on his family. Recently, he was seen celebrating the win of his dearest niece, Maya, as she excelled in her softball career. Maya seems to fill in the gap left by Gisele, as she receives all the praise and love from her family. On top of that, her engagement with fans wins their hearts.

Tom Brady rejoices on niece’s win

Maya Brady has always been a die-hard sports lover, and the legendary QB is always there to gear her up. Maya never fails to save Tom’s pride through her excellent performance. After Tom Brady, the family has high hopes for this blooming star. Maya is setting the bar high by breaking records at such a young age. She has three consecutive victories this year, which is a proud moment for the entire family.

Brady paid a visit to UCLA to support his wonderful niece. In return, Maya made him proud as she won the match. The former QB star recently uploaded a picture with Maya from the match on his IG. One can easily understand how proud Tom was of this rising star. His eyes were sparkling with joy, and both of them seemed very happy.

“Night at the park. Big W!” Tom wrote.


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Tom’s ex-wife, Gisele, also shares a sweet relationship with Maya, as she was often seen reacting to her posts. After Gisele’s vacuum, Maya is receiving all the love and applause from her family. Not only that, but she also has a massive fan base that loves Maya for her kind persona.

A peek into Maya’s victory

2023 turned out to be a memorable year in Maya’s life. She earned three consecutive wins in her softball journey. On top of that, she is one of the finest players in UCLA history.  Maya is also part of WME Sport in 2022 which is listed among the most excellent agency in the world. She was filled with laughter and joy which showed in her social media updates.

Tom Brady recognized her talent before. He often talked about it in a couple of interviews. “I think Maya is already the most athletic person in the family.” Tom highlighted this in his interview with Boston Globe 2019.  Maya Brady is indeed the superstar of her generation. The future will show us the results. What are your views on that?


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