$450M Patrick Mahomes Celebrates Kansas City Chiefs Seventh Anniversary With a Two-Word Message Amidst Jackson Mahomes’ Endorsement

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Patrick Mahomes has every reason to celebrate his meteoric rise to fame. As a first-round pick (10th overall) by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL Draft, little did he know that he would soon boast two Super Bowl victories. In an interview last month, Patrick’s wife, Brittany, shared that the Mahomes family never expected to achieve such fame, success, and scrutiny, in a very short time. Nevertheless, destiny had other plans for them.

Having inked his four-year rookie contract with a remarkable $16.4 million fully guaranteed, and subsequently crowned MVP in the 2018 season, Patrick Mahomes and his entire family were thrust into the spotlight of stardom. Now, at 27 years old, the quarterback is taking a moment to reflect on the starting day of his remarkable journey with the Chiefs, encapsulating his emotions in a two-word message.

Seventh-anniversary cheers to Chiefs-QB!

Just a few hours ago, Patrick Mahomes took to his Instagram during the training camp to share a series of photos, but this post had a distinct tone from his usual updates. The day held particular significance for the Chiefs QB as it marked a special milestone. It was on this very day, seven years ago, that the 27-year-old star first donned the Chiefs jersey during the training camp.


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In celebration of this momentous occasion, the $450 million quarterback captioned the photos with a simple yet meaningful message, “Year 7…⏰.” Despite Patrick Mahomes’ immense success with the support of his team, it’s undeniable that his family has also been a pillar of support for him in every situation.

From Randi to Pat Sr. and Brittany, and even Jackson Mahomes, they have all stood by him unwaveringly every day. Interestingly, despite Jackson’s controversies, little did people know that he is one of the biggest endorsers of Patrick’s fame.

Patrick’s brother is his biggest fan!

Internet personality Jackson Mahomes may have an impressive number of followers on his social media, but what many people don’t know is that he is a devoted fan of his QB brother. He passionately supports Patrick at every game, documenting his attendance and enthusiastic sideline dancing. Jackson proudly endorses his elder brother on social media, sharing selfies with him after the games. Despite Patrick’s fame, they maintain a normal sibling relationship, with a strong bond between them.

jackson and mahomes

In a candid YouTube video in May 2020, he mentioned, “It’s just like being related to anybody else. He’s a cool person, like we’re super close. We have a great relationship, so I think that’s pretty cool.” Furthermore, Jackson’s involvement extends to even Pat’s younger child, as he gave the moniker ‘Bronze’ to Pat’s son, surprisingly becoming an endorser for his younger nephew as well.  Their bond as siblings shines through, highlighting the genuine love and support they share for each other, both on and off the field.


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