40 Years Later, Patrick Mahomes Momma Heard a Story That Will Break Your Heart

randi mahomes and her children


NFL has witnessed many father-son duos walk the football path. But few talk about the mother-son relationships over the years. Although, Patrick Mahomes and Randi Mahomes are bridging the divide a little closer with their relationship. The Chiefs man has been supported by his mum every step of the way, ever since he was a kid. Following this, he has tried to repay her support with his own during her tough times.

Spending time together almost all the time, Mahomes lives with his mother in his home in Kansas alongside his siblings and wife. They have been living as one happy family but recently experienced a loss that’s inconsolable.

Randi Mahomes learns something unknown

Few get the opportunity to be the pillar of support to their parents in a moment of weakness. But the Super Bowl winner was presented with an opportunity after his mother experienced the loss of her mother and her kids’ grandma. Losing Debbie Bates Martin back in April brought Randi to tears in front of her own daughter. But the latest update will bring some solace and hope for the grief felt.

Mahomes’ mother got the opportunity to learn something new about her mother, which was previously unknown. She shared the update on Twitter to her followers about the discovery almost 4 decades apart. She’d go on to add and reflect that the story was from when she was about her daughter’s age, Mia Mahomes, and when she was in the 7th grade. What could possibly be the story that Randi got to learn from Frank?

Whatever the story may be, Randi has blessed her children with the same amount of love as what she was blessed with, if not more. She holds a close relationship with all three of her children, supporting them in their endeavors as they grow into their selves.

Patrick Mahomes and his siblings lucky to have Randi

While Patrick Mahomes is the most prominent name when it comes to Randi’s support for her kids, she hasn’t focused all of her love and attention on her eldest son, with Mia and Jackson experiencing her support in plenty. Although Jackson is under the threat of prosecution, Randi hasn’t left her son’s side in his time of trouble. On the other hand, Randi has been the biggest cheerleader for her daughter, Mia.

jackson and mahomes

She has been accompanying her to her sports sessions, be it tennis or basketball, or other athletic events. She posts stories and photos with Mia, celebrating her accomplishments and pushing her to be the best she can be.  Randi Mahomes has endured a heartbreaking loss, that few will understand. But she refuses to let it hold her down as she perseveres for her kids in their development in life.


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