17 Years Post-Divorce, Patrick Mahomes’ Fearless Mom Shares the Sacred Ground of Her Bravery



Just like his 2X Super Bowl-winning son, Randi Mahomes is also a fighter. Patrick Mahomes has been battling it out on the NFL for the field for the Kansas City Chiefs year in and year out. And on the other hand, his mother has been battling through all the adversities that life has thrown at her. From her divorce with Pat Mahomes Sr to raising both his sons as a single mother, it has not been an easy road to tread for the 50-year-old.

But despite the difficult terrain to traverse, the mother of the Chiefs QB has not given up hope. And recently, Randi Mahomes reveals the sacred ground from where she gets the strength to face any challenge thrown in her path.

Randi’s sacred room of spiritual mana

Despite being a single mother after her divorce, Randi Mahomes has done her best for her son to be able to live his dream of playing in the NFL. And to have such strength and courage to provide for Patrick Mahomes’ dreams requires inspiration from the one and only supreme power in the world, God.

pm & parent

It is no secret that the mother of the 2X Super Bowl winner is a believer in the holy spirit. Back when her church family saw the sad demise of Pastor Doug, she took to social media to mourn his loss. And now, Randi Mahomes has once again shared an Instagram story, where we see her church family break into a gospel choir. And being the religious person she is, the 50-year-old wrote “This is where I fight my battles🙏”, which shows that she gets her strength from the house of God.

The past few months have been a difficult time for the Mahomes family, especially with the loss of Patrick Mahomes’ grandmother, Debbie Martin Bates.

A difficult era for Randi Mahomes

Randi Mahomes has been the most affected by the death of her mother. It is because she and Debbie shared a friendly relationship with each other. And not only this, but Grandma Debbie also played a vital role in the upbringing of Patrick Mahomes and his brother. After her death, Randi Mahomes started a scholarship to honor her name and legacy. She also took to social media in various instances to share fond memories she had of her mother, indicating that her death has left a void that is difficult to heal. But she has been moving on, trying to make fill the void with new experiences with Mahomes’ half-sister Mia Randall, while also following the guidance and love of God.

pm' mom&grandma

As life goes on for Randi, she will definitely be looking to move forward from her grievous loss. And at the same time, build a stronger connection with her sacred ground of strength.


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