Watch: Twitter reacts to Chiefs WR Kadarius Toney’s latest drop that led to interception vs Patriots

kadarius toney


The Kansas City Chiefs have a serious issue with their receiving corps, which seems wholly unable to keep from ruining games for reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes.  One player, mercurial pass catcher Kadarius Toney, is the easiest member of the group to single out as the primary issue for the offensive unit.

After his now-infamous offensive offside penalty that wiped out a potential game-winning play against the Buffalo Bills last week, Toney dropped a well-thrown pass from Mahomes against the New England Patriots that was intercepted and led to a touchdown that cut Kansas City’s lead to 10 points.  To say that Toney’s performance in 2023 has been disappointing would be an understatement. At times, it seems like he is actively keeping the Chiefs from scoring points, and after this latest gaffe, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Andy Reid should bench him.

Check out Twitter’s top reactions to Toney’s dropped pass against New England:

“Toney and Skyy are complete liabilities. Can’t play em.
Kadarius Toney bobbles a perfect throw from Mahomes and it leads to an interception.
The Chiefs need to cut this man ASAP.
defending kadarius toney at great personal cost.
Kadarius Toney every single week.
Kadarius Toney should not go on social media today.
Kadarius Toney is pure comedy at this point.
Belichick is more committed to the Patriots losing this game than Kadarius Toney is.
Can’t live like this no more. Toney has to go.
Kadarius Toney is not worth the headache.
kadarius toney is fun cuz it’s like hey what if javale mcgee played football.
Toney has a moment in every game where he costs the team. You can’t trust Toney anymore. #ChiefsKingdom. It’s coaching malpractice if Toney plays the rest of this game
This feels like Toney and Mahomes are at the near end of the thinking trust will continue.
Things are not going well for Kadarius Toney.”


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