“She Is Cheering?’”: Fans Irked by Brittany’s Performance on Hubby Patrick Mahomes’ Netflix Docuseries ‘Quarterback’

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Patrick Mahomes is enjoying quite the success with Netflix’s latest docuseries called ‘Quarterback’. The show focuses on the journey of Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota as they traverse the ups and downs of their 2022 campaign in the NFL. With the first episode focusing on Mahomes and his family, including his wife Brittany, the docuseries not only shows what went on the football field last season but also behind-the-scenes actions of many iconic moments in 2022.

Despite the success, it does not look like Mahomes’ wife enjoys the same praise from fans like the 2X Super Bowl QB. Brittany was criticized for a long time for her sideline antics during her husband’s NFL games the past few seasons. And now, it seems that she is enduring criticism once again for her appearance on ‘Quarterback’.

Brittany Mahomes does not shine in a positive limelight

The wife of the Kansas City Chiefs QB has been subjected to widespread trolling for her hyper off-field behavior while Patrick Mahomes continued to dominate with his performance on the field. Brittany managed to mostly stay off the negative limelight in the offseason. But fans recently criticized her for a holiday post she shared on social media where she was seen swimming with dolphins. And now, it seems that she finds herself once again in the midst of trolls, this time, for appearing on the Netflix docuseries beside her husband.

In a clip shared on Twitter, we see Mahomes’ father, Pat Mahomes Sr, hyping up fans on the sidelines during one of the Chiefs’ matches last season. “Players make plays,” is what Patrick Mahomes’ father chanted, after which we see Brittany screaming “Lets go!!!” to show her support for her NFL husband.

While the clip just shows the undeterred support the QB enjoys from his family, fans took to social media to criticize Brittany for the way she shows her support for Patrick Mahomes in the NFL.
Fans irked by the loud display of support by Mahomes’ wife

Fans took to the tweet to state that Brittany’s way of supporting her NFL husband was quite annoying in a way.

One fan commented, “She is cheering? I don’t get it lol”

Another fan compared Brittany’s cheer to a meme

This fan said, “I thought the hate was way too overblown for her but watching the show has made me think everything people say has been true. They seem happy though, high school sweethearts so good for them.”

Another fan said, “This show has done his wife no favors. It just perpetuated the narrative.”

This fan commented, “So Mahomes wife is clearly an attention seeker but she has been with him since high school so she’s not really a gold digger..she hit the lotto and is getting all the benefits so good for her.”

Amidst all the trolls, it is undeniable that Brittany is Mahomes’ no.1 supporter on and off the football field. And she will continue to be so in the future as well.


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