Patrick Mahomes returns to Chiefs’ headquarters and fans send him a message

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The NFL offseason has entered a new phase that brings fans one step closer to football’s return. Teams this week are beginning to reconvene for OTAs — the abbreviation for “organized team activities” — as they start to prepare in earnest for the 2024 campaign.

The Kansas City Chiefs are no exception as they pursue NFL history in 2024. Patrick Mahomes and company want to become the first team in league history to win the Super Bowl in three consecutive seasons — and they will have to do it after a turbulent offseason that leaves some players’ futures in question. Not Mahomes, though, who returned to Chiefs headquarters ready to be as consistent as ever.

Mahomes has not lost the “dad bod”

Mahomes on Tuesday returned to the Chiefs’ facility for his first day of OTAs — and while fans are surely excited to watch the two-time NFL MVP in action once again, they were also curious to see whether the quarterback had shed any weight or bulked up over the offseason.  But true to his nature as a marker of consistency on and off the field, Mahomes turned up for OTAs with the same “dad bod” that fans have joked about since last season.

Under a video posted by the Chiefs on X (formerly Twitter), fans continued to rib Mahomes for his atypical look. The 28-year-old has never been “ripped” and is very comfortable with his physique, and he has even leveraged his build for charity.

Nevertheless, one fan on X wrote Mahomes “got that offseason build,” and another said he could “really benefit from some cardio.” A third described Mahomes as “the least looking tough guy in the NFL,” a perception the three-time Super Bowl MVP has spent several years putting to rest with his tough-as-nails postseason performances.

Still, Mahomes will have to keep proving that his build is the ideal one, especially as AFC rivals like Lamar Jackson and Tua Tagovailoa got leaner this offseason in their quest to knock Kansas City off its perch atop the conference.


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