Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce fans find the Kansas City Chiefs’ perfect scapegoat



Being part of the Kansas City Chiefs has to be amongst the most challenging jobs in sports right now. We are talking about one of the most competitive teams in all of sports over the last decade. Stars like Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce have set the expectations as high as one can possibly imagine and some players can’t live up to them at times. This season, the Chiefs haven’t been as prolific as they were last season. With an 8-4 record, fans have already started trying to figure out who is to blame for these defeats. Apparently, they seem to have found the perfect scapegoat in wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling. They consider him the main responsible for not living up to the team’s high standards.

Is this truly Scantling’s fault?

The ones who seem to be most unhappy with Marquez Valdes-Scantling are the ones who in their attempt to keep credit on their idols are discrediting the wide receiver. Even though an 8-4 record is still ideal to keep leading the AFC West, that is definitely not enough to be the top seed at the mment. And Kansas City Chiefs’ fans have become extremely demanding. In a recent interview at the Chiefs’ locker room, a reporter asked him if he listened to outside noise amid these defeats. But Scantling denied he did and at some point, he didn’t understand the line of questioning.

Chiefs fans were quick to point how the wide receiver has zero accountability for the missed receptions he has this season. It is likely better for Marquez Valdes-Scantling to not listen to any of the criticism if he wants to return to a good place inside the field as soon as possible. But also, the game’s losses are a collective responsibility Targeting a single player shouldn’t be happening to a team that is 8-4 at the moment. On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs play against the Buffalo Bills and Scantling will have a chance to ease this criticism.


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