Graham Walker, half-brother of Patrick Mahomes, to play wide receiver at Rice

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Graham Walker, the half-brother of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has transferred to Rice, where he will play wide receiver this season.  To most football fans, the real news is that the best player in the NFL has a younger brother who plays football as well.

Walker is the biological son of Pat Mahomes Sr. but was raised primarily by his mother Jessamyn Walker and stepfather Gerry Howatt. Mahomes Sr., talked about Walker in a January interview with Fox 4 in Kansas City.  “He definitely is a Mahomes,” Mahomes Sr. said of Walker. “His stepdad did a great job with him, his mom did a great job with him.”

Mahomes Sr. said Walker wants to make it to the NFL and that Patrick will help him any way he can.  “He’s supportive, as he always is. Hopefully in this offseason Patrick will get a chance to throw the ball to him, run routes, as Patrick always has his receivers come down,” Mahomes Sr. said.

Walker played the last three seasons at Brown and is now taking a step up in the caliber of college football he plays, with one more year of eligibility at Rice and, he hopes, the chance to keep playing beyond college.


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