Dad of Three Tom Brady All Set to Toast His 46th Birthday Without ‘Dating Partner’ Irina Shayk in a Matter of Few Hours

Irina Shayk & tb


As the countdown to his 46th birthday in August begins, Tom Brady is gearing up for a celebration. Although for him, every day feels like a birthday celebration, as he once shared in an interview in June. However, during that time, the MVP was unsure about his birthday plans. But now, new inside plans related to his big day surfaced a few hours ago.

Last month, Brady was spotted with Russian model Irina Shayk, sparking rumors of a potential romance between the two. They spent two days together and were apparently spotted getting cozy in Los Angeles. Many speculated that Brady would celebrate his birthday with Shayk, but sources now reveal that he has something else planned for the special day.

Brady’s 46th birthday plan!

As Tom Brady’s 46th birthday approaches on August 3rd, details about his celebration have emerged. According to US Weekly, the NFL legend has chosen to spend this special day with the people he cherishes the most — his children. Brady has taken a trip to Africa, where he will be commemorating the occasion surrounded by his loved ones. Just a day ago, he was spotted on a wildlife safari with his daughter Vivian, sharing some stunning pictures of lions, elephants, and zebras on social media.

Irina Shayk & tb1

Amidst the excitement of his birthday, rumors about his supposed new flame, Irina Shayk, attending the celebration were put to rest. The source made it clear that Brady is solely focused on spending quality time with his family during this trip, reaffirming that Shayk won’t be sharing the birthday festivities with him.

Last month, Tom Brady and Irina Shayk, 37, were seen together, sparking widespread speculation about their relationship. Given their recent appearances together, many had assumed that Shayk would be included in Brady’s birthday guest list. But, as per the sources, now it is likely to be uncertain.

A sneak peek into the Brady-Shayk relationship!

Brady and Shayk have been at the center of dating rumors, which have ignited since last week when they were spotted cozying up during a romantic weekend. While both have remained tight-lipped about the speculations, multiple sources have revealed that the two have been in contact for a few weeks now, and there seems to be an undeniable connection between them.

The initial meeting reportedly took place at the wedding of billionaire art-world heir Joe Nahmad and model Madison Headrick in Sardinia. According to insiders, they are even currently trying to coordinate their schedules to spend more time together. During their reported two-day date, Brady offered to fly Shayk out to Los Angeles. Subsequently, paparazzi and various sources shared pictures of the duo, capturing a moment where Brady can be seen gently caressing Shayk’s face while sitting together in a car.

However, it is highly unlikely that Shayk and Brady will be seen celebrating the former Buccaneers QB’s birthday together, and obviously, this applies to Brady’s recently turned 43-year-old ex, Gisele Bündchen as well.


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