Chiefs HC Andy Reid comments on Rashee Rice’s status amid police investigation

Rashee Rice


The Kansas City Chiefs are set to start the first phase of their offseason program this week. The coming period will consist of meetings, strength and conditioning, and physical rehabilitation. The players and coaches will communicate voluntarily via Zoom to keep everyone on track during the offseason.

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has many things on his mind ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft, which is only days away. On Monday, he took time to answer questions from the media about various topics, including the status of wide receiver Rashee Rice, who is dealing with the fallout of a high-speed car accident in Dallas, Texas that he was involved in last month.

“I’m leaving, like we’ve done most of these [player legal matters], just for the law enforcement part of it to take place, and then we’ll go from there with that,” Reid said of the matter. “I have had an opportunity to talk to Rashee, so I’m not going to obviously get into that. But anyway, that part has been gone through.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, Rice was driving 119 miles per hour ahead of the crash that injured at least four people. He has cooperated with authorities since the incident but faces eight felony counts. Reid told reporters about Rice’s current involvement during the offseason workout plan later in his comments to the media.

“So there’s no real participation other than Zoom, so he’ll participate in that,” He explained. “Other than that, we don’t have anything going on here that he would be involved with. Again, just a reminder on this: it’s voluntary. So as we go forward, that’s also another part of it.”

On-field workouts are part of the offseason program’s second phase, and due to the ongoing investigation, there hasn’t yet been a clear indication of whether Rice will be allowed to participate in Kansas City.  “We’ll just see how it goes,” Reid said of Rice’s involvement. “I mean, I want to keep gathering information from the law enforcement people. We’ll just see where everything goes from there. Let the process take place.”

Rice emerged as one of the Chiefs’ brightest young talents on offense last season, but uncertainty about his future on the team abounds.


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