Brittany Mahomes Shares Adorable Photos of Son Bronze Being ‘Protected’ by Dogs Steel and Silver

bronze & dogFI


Patrick and Brittany Mahomes’s little guy is well protected.  The Kansas City Current co-owner shared pictures on her Instagram Story Thursday of son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, 6 months, hanging out on the couch with the two dogs while the infant wears a onesie that says “protected by Steel and Silver’ with drawings of each dog on it.

The couple is also parents to daughter Sterling Skye, 2.  In an Instagram Story Q&A in April, Brittany answered a fan who asked why her dogs and kids were “named after elements.”


“Lol glad you ask😂,” Brittany began her response. “I got Steel in college and named him that. We then got our second dog and was gonna name her Sterling because it went with Steel perfect.”



Brittany continued, “Then I said no, I want that to be my daughter’s name, so then we came up with Silver to go with Steel.”  By the time they were expecting their little girl, Brittany and Patrick, both 27, were “already set on Sterling,” who was born in 2021.  “Then having a boy and him being Patrick Mahomes III, Bronze was just meant to be and went perfect,” she concluded.


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