As Divorced Dad, Patrick Mahomes, Randi, Brittany and the Babies Gear Up for Real Showdown, ‘Missing’ Family Member Remains Unspotted From Everywhere

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Patrick Mahomes shot to stardom following his MVP and Super Bowl triumph. But his rise to fame reached new heights this offseason, capturing the attention of households everywhere. Remarkably, it wasn’t just him who garnered the spotlight—his entire family basked in the limelight, with one exception, Patrick Mahomes Sr. However, this time, it’s somebody else who is missing from the family pictures.

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During a recent work vacation in Hawaii, a place that holds sentimental value as his wedding location, Patrick Mahomes treated his family to an unforgettable experience. However, conspicuous by his absence in the numerous photo frames was a particular individual. Surprisingly, it wasn’t his father and MLB star Patrick Mahomes Sr. this time.

Jackson Mahomes is seen nowhere

After securing his release on bail following an arrest in an assault case, Jackson Mahomes has seemingly vanished from the public eye. Meanwhile, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes embarked on a work trip to Hawaii, where he planned to participate in a golf game alongside his teammate Travis Kelce, facing off against NBA stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Before the match, Patrick was spotted soaking up the sun on Hawaii’s picturesque beaches, accompanied by his wife Brittany Mahomes, and their two children, Sterling and Bronze.


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Amid his preparations for the upcoming charity match, Patrick was also seen practicing his golf skills. Both Brittany and Patrick’s mother, Randi Mahomes, shared pictures of themselves enjoying their time in Hawaii on social media. Surprisingly, Patrick’s father, Patrick Mahomes Sr., made an appearance after a four-month absence. But Jackson Mahomes was notably absent, leaving fans to speculate about the reasons behind his sudden disappearance.

Jackson Mahomes’ last spotlight

Jackson initially gained fame through his TikTok videos, quickly establishing himself as a prominent internet influencer. However, it is peculiar that despite his status as a social media personality, he has remained absent from the media and has not posted any content since his last public appearance in court.

Following his arrest in May, he was released on bond after paying a sum of $100,000. Since then, he has not been seen or heard from.


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