“We love a good daily affirmation”: Angel Reese opens up about love, resilience, and the strength that bonds her relationship


Angel Reese has recently found herself in headlines over the past few weeks as fans and analysts have all theorized about her absence from the LSU bench. While the consensus was that Reese’s grades made her ineligible to play, LSU coach Kim Mulkey played her cards close to the vest, refusing to give details on the matter.

Since then, Angel Reese has returned to the court, marking a triumphant return to the team as they look to capture their second straight NCAA title. On the heels of Angel Reese rejoining the team, she made it clear that despite being a national star, she’s still a human being who goes through struggles like everyone else.

On a much happier note, Reese posted a snapshot on social media of herself and her partner FaceTime-ing.

“We love a good daily affirmation,” she wrote on her story.

“Why is our relationship so strong? Because we face challenges & grow TOGETHER!”


While their relationship has had to weather the NCAA star’s rigorous schedule, when she returns to the lineup and resumes her busy schedule, Angel Reese appears to be content. The post is a welcome update after the LSU star had fans worried about her disappearance.


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