Watch: Patrick Mahomes wipes off kiss from wife Brittany ahead of MNF vs. Eagles

pm wife hug


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was spotted wiping off his mouth after kissing wife Brittany ahead of the Monday Night Football clash against the Philadelphia Eagles. Even though the Kelce brothers were all anybody could talk about, fans did not let this moment go unnoticed.

Mahomes, 28, always kisses Brittany on the sideline before every match, but it’s rare to see him wipe it off right after. It’s clear that the wet smooch just left some saliva on his cheek, though that’s not keeping fans from reading too much into the clip.

NFL fans have never been to fond of Brittany and are always looking for ways to make her look bad.Β  Now that Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce, she has faded into the background a bit, except of course when fans want to bash her.

Travis Kelce vs. Jason Kelce

Besides Travis dating a global superstar, he and his brother Jason, the Eagles’ center, have dominated headlines since last season when they met in the Super Bowl.Β  The rematch on Monday marks another shot for Jason to get his first victory over Kelce in the NFL.Β  Donna Kelce, the mother of the two brothers, attended the game at Arrowhead Stadium and got the full Swift treatment.


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