Travis Kelce’s vintage designer opens up on his shock at seeing the Chiefs star wearing one of his $3,000 shirts when he kissed Taylor Swift after her Eras show in Argentina



Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Eras show kiss was seen by millions of fans around the world but for one luxury clothing designer in Florida, the moment had a completely different significance.  The NFL star flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina in his week off earlier in November to see his girlfriend play in South America and was dressed to impress for his night out with a flamboyant blue, white and green shirt with hearts across the back.

Kelce stood next to Swift’s dad for the show and was filmed throughout dancing away. But if that wasn’t enough priceless free advertising for Logan Horne, Kelce and Swift were then filmed kissing backstage the moment she came off the stage.

dad swift

‘The second I saw the video, I knew it was mine,’ Horne told abc news. ‘The fact that, you know, it was their first kiss on camera and the shirt happened to be covered with hearts on the back was pretty cool.’  Kelce is a regular customer at J. Logan Home, with Horne himself noticing Kelce wearing his luxury shirts before while traveling with the Kansas City Chiefs to games.  ‘I saw a video of him getting off the team jet in Jacksonville and my jaw hit the floor,’ Horne added.

Shirts at J. Logan Home are priced between $2,850 and $3,250 and only one of eah design is made. It means that anyone with a spare few thousand looking to copy Kelce’s style is out of luck and the design is no longer listed on the website.  ‘People keep asking me did you sell out? I sold out when he bought it!’ Horne explained. ‘There is only one! But yes, my website traffic is through the roof (up 3000%)’.

Despite Kelce being an admirer, Horne hasn’t met the Chiefs star yet.  He said: ‘He did follow me on Instagram and messaged me that he was a big fan of the shirts which was pretty cool. He tagged me actually.’  Kelce’s love of fashion is well known. He has designed a range with his Chiefs team that was released last weekend – called ‘Tru Kolors’.

The 34-year-old apparently takes up to three hours to choose his outfits on gameday and admits that now he is earning millions in the NFL, he indulges in certain designers.  ‘Money gave me access to certain designers and just certain fabrics that I absolutely love now,’ he said to the Wall Street Journal in October.  ‘Obviously, not every look is for everybody. I’m not going to be offended if somebody says I look like a clown if I got a fun hat on and some wacky jeans.

Kelce has been pictured wearing the vintage shirts on previous occasions in the past

‘It is what it is, I’m gonna have fun with it. For the most part, I do it to put a smile on somebody’s face.’  On the football field, Kelce helped the Chiefs return to winning ways on Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders and in the process becamce the fastest tight end to pass 11,000 yards.


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