Travis Kelce s*x confessions as Taylor Swift’s boyfriend reveals prowess in the bedroom



Travis Kelce is known for his prowess on the sports field often spoken about by his industry peers as one of the greatest tight ends in the history of the NFL.  While his professional life with the Kansas City Chiefs is something that already had everyone talking about him, since he started dating Taylor Swift he has found himself propelled to dizzy new heights of fame. The relationship has also come with a new found interest in his personal life from prying eyes around the world.

Luckily for fans of their romance Travis, 34, has never been shy about opening up about his experiences and preferences when it comes to physical intimacy. Here we take a look at some of the sporting star’s sex confessions.

S*x signal to Taylor Swift


Travis is no stranger to wooing the ladies having even starred in his own reality TV dating show called Catching Kelce. So perhaps it’s no surprise that he knows how to communicate with his love interest just by using touch.

One photo of Travis and Taylor out enjoying a date night was when they were seen holding hands after Travis appeared on Saturday Night Live. At the time body language expert Judi James told The Mirror that Travis appeared to be “tickling” Taylor’s hand and that it was a “flirty, sexual signal.”

Third date s*x


Travis appears to like life in the fast lane and that seems to apply to his dating timeline when it comes to getting physical too. In 2016 he was appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to promote his dating show when he was quizzed over a variety of preferences when it comes to relationships and sex by Ramona Singer.

He was asked if he would stay with “a girl who won’t sleep with you after the third date,” to which he replied: “The third date? I feel like that’s the breaker right there. Three dates, that’s like a while… I don’t wanna say a deal-breaker, but it puts some questions in the air.”

                                                          Oral confession

ts kiss tk

During the Andy Cohen appearance Travis didn’t hold back on confessing his desires and also admitted that not getting oral sex would be a real deal breaker for him. He said: “Ah… sounds like a dear old deal-breaker to me,” Ramona then agreed: “Well, as long as you get it.”

                                                 Losing his virginity

Travis admitted to being a very young man when he popped his cherry in a promotional trailer for Catching Kelce. After being asked how old he was he said: “Fourteen – mommy didn’t hear that”.


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