Travis Kelce keeps brother Jason out of his plans with Taylor Swift for ‘loudmouth’

travis jason


Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is keeping his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift under wraps, according to his brother Jason Kelce.  Jason, who initially hinted at the couple’s relationship, admitted that Travis no longer shares details with him after his previous disclosures.


The revelation came during Jason’s appearance on Amazon Prime’s Thursday Night Football broadcast.  “I don’t know!” Jason said.  “He doesn’t tell me too much now as I have a tendency to run my mouth a bit too much.”
Trying to extract information

Fans had eagerly awaited updates on the high-profile relationship, but it seems Travis is now choosing to remain tight-lipped about his plans with Swift.  “I might just say **** it and go somewhere nice,” Kelce told New Heights podcast.  “My skin is getting real pale, so I gotta go somewhere sunny.”

In an attempt to extract information about his brother’s plans with Swift, Jason Kelce tried to narrow down possible destinations, prompting Travis to humorously admit he could go “south of the equator.” Aware of Jason’s intentions, Travis burst into laughter.

Swift, a regular attendee at Travis Kelce’s games, opted not to fly to Germany to watch the Kansas City Chiefs play against the Miami Dolphins in Frankfurt.  However, she did travel from New Jersey to Kansas City to spend Halloween with Kelce. With Travis having a two-week break, it presents an ideal opportunity for him to reciprocate the gesture and join her in Argentina for her South America part of the tour.


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