Tom Brady’s hurtful email once angered Gisele Bundchen during a hard time – “It made me frustrated”

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The former NFL power couple of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen had to deal with their own share of marital issues. But one time, Brady sent an email so hurtful that his former wife had to write a three pages long letter.

When TB12 and the former Victoria’s Secret Angel were married, they went through all of their problems together. Gisele has always talked openly about their relationship. She even included some of their incidents in her New York Times bestselling memoir, ‘Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life’.  Once, when the supermodel and Tom Brady were going through a rough patch, the Brazilian beauty decided to cool off the steam by writing a heartfelt letter, which she never sent to him

.  “Once, when Tom and I were having a rough time, I got an email from him that hurt my feelings. He was in Boston at the time, and I was in Costa Rica,” she recalled.


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“Instead of retaliating by sending a hurtful email back, I took out a pen and a piece of paper, and for the next hour, I wrote down my thoughts and emotions, the things that made me angry, the things it made me frustrated, everything I was feeling at that time. I didn’t censor myself.”  The reason Bundchen never sent the letter was because writing allowed her to completely feel the emotions she went through. By jotting down her thoughts, she realized that she did not have to face the “danger of impulsively pressing send and then not being able to take my email back.”

Did Gisele Bundchen reply to Tom Brady’s email?

The runway star never gave the handwritten letter to Tom Brady and instead burned it. Gisele Bundchen typed a toned-down version of the letter in the form of an email and sent it to him.

“The next morning, I sent Tom a brief email telling him I was only willing to be in a relationship that was based on love and respect, and that I look forward to us talking whenever he was ready to speak to me in a loving and respectful way.”


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“A day later, we did just that.”

Hence, Bundchen candidly wrote about her marital issues in her memoir, and this was just one of the anecdotes.


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