Tom Brady Teases Coffee Colorway of Nike Sneakers



Tom Brady’s viral video may be part of a sneaker collaboration with Nike.

Something is brewing with Tom Brady. No, it’s not another return to the gridiron or a new development in his pursuit of owning an NFL team. The legendary quarterback is literally brewing coffee to customize his all-white sneakers as part of a viral video with celebrity chef Nick DiGiovanni.

The video is interesting and amusing, but there could be something larger at play. Brady customized a pair of Nike sneakers, and the businessman is not going to give free publicity to his 14.5 million followers to just any brand. Or, as the kids say these days, “No free clout.”

tom shoeins


In the video, Brady remarks, “Wow, I would love a pair of those,” before the camera focuses on him unboxing a fresh pair of Nike Air Force 1 sneakers (a model he has sported multiple times since retiring from football). There were plenty of detailed looks at Brady’s final DIY ‘Coffee’ colorway.

Brady is just as precise with his moves in this business world as he was on the football field. He tagged his apparel company, Brady Brand, in the Instagram post. Could this be the start of a beautiful reunion between Brady and Nike? After starting his career with the Swoosh, Brady signed a massive contract with Under Armour in 2010.

The 46-year-old apparently is a sneaker free agent now that his playing days are over, and collaboration with Nike over one of his preferred lifestyle sneakers makes sense. Fans looking to customize their own Air Force 1 sneakers can choose between several styles and colorways on the Nike website. Stay tuned to for all your footwear news.


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