Toe-curling moment Travis Kelce ‘leaves Taylor Swift’s dad Scott hanging for a high-five’ as pop star changes song lyrics to surprise NFL player before their VERY passionate kiss



Travis Kelce appeared to accidentally leave Taylor Swift’s father Scott hanging for a high-five during the pop star’s concert on Saturday night in Buenos Aires.  The pop star, 33, sent Swifties into a frenzy as she changed up the lyrics to her hit song Karma to include a few words about her new Kansas City Chiefs boyfriend, who was supporting her from the VIP tent alongside her dad.  Surrounded by her backup dancers on stage at the Estadio River Plate stadium, Taylor belted out ‘Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me’ to replace the original lyric, ‘Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me’.

A viral video captured the adorable moment Travis, 34, heard the epic improvisation, as it showed the superstar athlete smacking his hands to the side of face in utter astonishment, before he broke out a few smooth dance moves.   But eagle-eyed fans noted that in his excitement he had accidentally ignored Scott’s attempts to high-five him in the sweet shout-out.

SCOT HIFIVE Cringe: Travis Kelce appeared to accidentally leave Taylor Swift’s father Scott hanging for a high-five during the pop star’s concert in Buenos Aires on Saturday night

swift hitmaker Sweet: Taylor, 33, changed her lyrics to Karma to give her NFL star beau a shout-out

Scott, who was wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard despite being a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, raised his hands in the air during the lyric change – but Travis was too busy holding his head in his hands to notice.  Fans quickly noted the toe-curling blunder as poor Travis was left red-faced.

One said: ‘Travis Kelce leaving Scott Swift hanging for a high five is so f**king funny like he didn’t mean to but he was too busy blushing like a schoolgirl.’  A second commented: ‘I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED,’ and another said: ‘Help I didn’t even realise, this is so funny.’

Another said: ‘His reaction is so pure omg, poor papa swift didn’t get his high-five.’  However, others thought Scott was simply holding up his arms in celebration instead – and wasn’t snubbed after all.   A fan said: ‘I didn’t think it was an attempt at a high-five, I thought he had both arms up, like to praise him, lol.’   The lyric change wasn’t the only moment Taylor had Travis on her mind, as she also sang to him directly and mouthed the lyrics ‘that’s my man’ during her performance of ‘Willow’.

SCOT HIFIVE Oh dear: Travis was too busy celebrating his shout out to notice Scott’s attempts to high-five him

Adding to the fan hysteria, the Grammy winner ran into Travis’ arms and planted a passionate kiss on him after the curtain call.   In a now-viral clip shared to social media, Swift is seen walking off stage in a sparkly purple dress and immediately wraps her arms around Kelce, 34, who was waiting stage left for the Anti-Hero singer.   The couple then pressed their lips together and shared a seconds-long smooch that sparked deafening screams from Swifties, who were lucky enough to watch the PDA unfold. exclusively revealed that Kelce — who touched down in Argentina on Thursday — was in the audience for the sold-out show Saturday with Swift’s dad Scott Swift. Photos revealed that they were located in a VIP tent within the massive stadium with a perfect view of the stage.   The Bad Blood hitmaker winked in her new beau’s direction during the show as he shared a laugh and joke with her businessman father in the spacious hangout.

While performing the song Willow from her Evermore era, Swift sang to Kelce directly and mouthed the lyrics: ‘That’s my man.’   As an apparent seal of approval, her father — who was only just recently introduced to Kelce — was photographed wearing a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard around his neck despite being a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan.

She appeared to put in extra effort for her Lover, who sang along to all of her best hits and danced in front of fans.  When the multi-Grammy winner started to perform her hits from her Reputation Era, Kelce looked visibly impressed and was spotted mouthing ‘wow’.   While performing her 2017 hit song, Delicate, she pointed towards the VIP box and appeared to be singing directly to Kelce as she mouthed the words: ‘You must like me for me.’

She also pointed to the football star as she continued singing: ‘Is it cool that I said all that? / Is it chill that you’re in my head?’  Her father filmed her during the song and then turned to continue chatting with Kelce.   Kelce joined in chants of ‘olé olé olé’ before turning to her father’s phone, which captured him yelling ‘Taylor Taylor’ in support of the superstar after she mentioned her Grammy nominations.

She also sang End Game for her surprise song at her show with Kelce watching and listening closely and attentively.   ‘I wanna be your endgame,’ she sang the lyrics, which seemed to be directed towards him.   Kelce cheered and appeared smug as Swift sang to him: ‘I wanna be your first string / I wanna be your A-Team (whoa-whoa, whoa) / I wanna be your endgame, endgame.’  Kelce seemed to enjoy Style — famously about Swift’s ex Harry Styles — and pretended to play a piano as he danced and sang along.

When Swift sang the line, ‘You know I love the players’, she pointed at the football star as fans screamed in delight.   The tight end also clapped and beamed when Swift announced to the stadium full of her fans and supporters that her latest album, Midnights, had been nominated for six Grammys.   During breaks in between sets, he also chatted animatedly with Swift’s supporting act, Sabrina Carpenter, as the Nonsense singer accepted bracelets from fans.

Dressed in another fashion forward shirt, the football player slipped into the show minutes after Swift appeared on the stage under a cloud of pink and purple butterfly wings.   The blonde bombshell put on a performance for the fans, with Kelce and her father posing with ‘We Will Stay’ posters during the Archer – a movement with the Argentinian Swifties.   It comes after exclusively revealed the NFL star flew out of Kansas City at 11pm Thursday – making a one-hour stop in Panama City to refuel – before flying into Buenos Aires to reunite with Swift Friday afternoon.

He arrived at 2pm local time, touching down in a Gulfstream IV, after jetting off on the late night flight.   Fans took to social media to share their excitement about watching Swift kiss her new beau publicly.   ‘The way she runs to him like a kid to a candy store, I can’t,’ a fan wrote in a tweet alongside crying and heart emojis. ‘She’s so happy.’   Another X user gushed over the clip of Swift running into Kelce’s arms.  ‘The way she run [sic] to him,’ they wrote. ‘The way he wait [sic] for her after her shows over’.

‘And the way the audience scream when both of them hugged and kissed!!! This is my roman empire,’ they shared.   One Swiftie shared a short but sweet post about the singe and her newfound lover: ‘They’re so cute OMFG’.   ‘The way she ran into his arms,’ another fan wrote on X. ‘You can tell she’s really in love’.

Fans took to social media to express their excitement after seeing that Kelce had flown out to watch Swift perform.   One social media user gushed over Kelce’s touching gesture on X, formerly Twitter.   ‘I think it’s cute he flew to see her ngl,’ they wrote in a tweet.

Another fan expressed their approval as they said Kelce was being ‘supportive as he should be’.   One tweet raved about how Swift and Kelce are the best in their respective industries and together, they are a ‘power couple we haven’t seen in recent years’.   ‘We love a relationship where each partner supports the other person, and lets them shine,’ the social media user wrote.   ‘He’s the best in his field, and she’s the best in her field,’ they continued. ‘Power couple we haven’t seen in recent years.’

With her man in the crowd, one Swiftie had emphasized: ‘That’s why she’s singing Lover’.   Another social media user wrote that Kelce was ‘so supportive’ and the new couple are two of the ‘greatest of all time’.   Another tweet said that anyone would want to see the music sensation perform in concert. ‘Common [sic], it’s Taylor we’re talking about here, who wouldn’t want to go!’

Taylor and Travis kicked off their romance in late September after weeks of dating rumors and the NFL star’s failed attempt to give her his cellphone number in July.  They went public with their romance during his September 24th football game, and have been spotted on numerous outings since.   The singer has attended four of his games so far, and he is expected to stay for all of Swift’s shows in Argentina this weekend.

She introduced Kelce to her father on Friday night as they dined in Buenos Aires — just hours after the football star flew in to see her.   The pair were able to enjoy each other’s company during a meal at the restaurant, alongside Scott, 71, after bad weather forced the star to call off her second performance. obtained exclusive pictures of the pair as they left the upscale restaurant Elena – where they had dined privately.

Sources told that the pair enjoyed a steak – which cost upwards of $75 dollars at the Four Season’s luxury restaurant – and were relaxed and happy to chat to staff who served them for several hours.   At least six members of kitchen staff formed a guard of honor around the couple as they left, with several diners cheering as the trio made a swift exit through an emergency door.    Last month, learned that Swift has been blown away by the way the sports star has ‘courted her’ like a ‘gentleman’.

An insider close to Taylor’s celebrity pal Lively revealed that while the songstress was ‘trying to keep it together,’ it was obvious to those around her that she was already ‘falling’ hard for her new beau.   ‘Taylor is blown away right now and her family is all about Travis. She is trying to keep it together, but is obviously falling in love with him and he feels the same way,’ they dished.   ‘He courted her and it was not her typical, “Hey, you’re hot, let’s go out,” sorta thing. He actually courted her and she feels like she is the luckiest gal in the world right now.   ‘It is no coincidence that all she had to do was look outside of Hollywood.’

The insider explained that the singer’s parents were ‘super harsh critics’ when it came to her love life, but even they are believed to be ‘fully supportive’ of the new pairing.   ‘All that they ever want is for Taylor to be with someone who keeps her safe and who loves her for her,’ they explained.   ‘Travis is a gentleman and, although it is maybe too soon to say, everyone really feels like she has finally met her match.’   According to the source, his family also ‘adore her’ and all of her friends are ‘legit so happy for her.’


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