Taylor Swift’s Buenos Aires show postponed for Sunday: To be with Travis Kelce?

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Travis Kelce has just arrived to Argentina for this Friday’s Taylor Swift concert andhis girlfriend just announced the show is getting postponed. Through her Instagram account, Taylor Swift explained the reason she made this decision alongside the rest of her tour staff. A such, the Friday show attendees are only moving their plans for next Sunday. Many Argentine folks made the trip from other cities away from the capital and will have to do everything in their power to modify their plans. Swift communicated the news through an Instagram story as well as a post on the X platform as she retweeted the concert organizer’s statement on the postponement. The Friday and Saturday pending shows will be moving to Saturday and Sunday.


Why has Taylor Swift postponed her Friday concert?

Current weather conditions in the city of Buenos Aires are dire with heavy rain falling for hour on end. These conditions are the main reason Taylor Swift decided to postpone her concert and move it to Sunday. Avoiding chaos in the city is the No. 1 priority for both the popstar and the local government. Here’s what Taylor Swift wrote through her own social media accounts: “I love a rain show but I’m never going to endanger my fans or my fellow performers and crew. We’ve rescheduled tonight’s Buenos Aires show for Sunday due to the weather being so truly chaotic it would be unsafe to try and put on this concert. Good news is I get to stay in Argentina longer!!”

Is Travis Kelce still attending Sunday’s show?

For all those who are eager to know more details about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce, there is no confirmation on whether he is attending Sunday’s concert or not. Although the Kansas City Chiefs are currently on Bye Week, it is possible Travis Kelce’s plane ticket out of Buenos Aires presents a problem if he tries to attend Sunday’s show. Nothing a new reservation can’t sort out for someone like Travis Kelce. For now, both he and Taylor will have Friday and Saturday to enjoy the City of Buenos Aires together in what suddenly turned into a romantic getaway. Mother nature has spoken, she wants Travis and Taylor to spend the weekend together locked up in a hotel room in Buenos Aires.


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