Taylor Swift is hanging out with Brittany and Jackson Mahomes, and Swifties are not happy about it



The camera was focused on a fun, vibrant moment between Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes, but something else caught the eye of Swifites who saw this viral video from the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Chargers game.


Jackson Mahomes was seen hanging out in the background of the VIP suite, but he was quickly thrust into the spotlight as Taylor Swift fans shed light on his troubled past.
The reason Swifties don’t want Jackson Mahomes around Taylor Swift

In May 2023, Patrick Mahomes’ little brother Jackson Mahomes was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual battery. He was arrested because of an incident at a restaurant in February when he was accused of forcibly kissing a woman and also assaulting a waiter.  Fans got protective over Swift on social media when they realized she was in the same room as someone accused of sexual assault.

“Not Jackson Mahomes who sexually assaulted a woman…” said a post on X, formerly Twitter.

“Why does Jackson mahomes get to high five her,” said another with disgust.


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