Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce go Ivy League: Harvard set to offer course on them



Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance has arguably been the entertainment story of 2023. The pop star and Chiefs’ tight end have singlehandedly merged the world of music and the NFL like we’ve never seen before, with the Nationals Football League drawing intrigue from the singer’s legion of fans. Now, they’ll be the subject of higher learning, in the ultra prestigious Harvard Universit

In reality, the course will be more centered on Taylor Swift herself, Harvard professor Stephanie Burt told TMZ. “She writes about her relationships, so we’ll be talking about Travis Kelce. The amount of time we give him, is going to depend of whether she has released songs about him and their relationship. But the focus is on her as an artist”, the professor said.

When it comes to what inspired the course, Burt said the following: “I’m a literary scholar, and try to study and share excellence in the arts that use words. Like poetry, literary writing… Song writers use words in their performance, and Taylor Swift is one of the great songwriters of our time”.

Harvard’s future ‘Taylor Swift and Her World’ course, in high demand

The interviewers were impressed with the number of people who have already signed up for next year’s course, which is “just under 300”, the Harvard professor said. “I believe we’re just under 300 people. I will have help though, with two other teaching assistants on board”.

To put the astonishing number in perspective, Harvard’s own website says that its average class size is 12 students. The allure of learning about Taylor Swift is evident, as the Swiftie academic course will have 25 times more people than the average course.


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