Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes Seal Their Friendship With an Instagram Carousel

brittany and friends1


Though she’s allowed the world to see her giving him a peck on the cheek, Taylor Swift isn’t posting Travis Kelce to her Instagram (and she probably never will). She also hasn’t appeared on any of his social media. But Blondie did make it grid-official with the NFL-er she seems to like the very most: Brittany Mahomes. What, you don’t think the quarterback’s wife is a member of the team? Did you even watch Friday Night Lights?

Mrs. Mahomes has been by Taylor Swift’s side at many of the Chiefs games she’s attended, and they were pictured stepping out for a girls dinner in New York City. According to reports, the singer also had fellow Chiefs significant others to her place in Tribeca to watch the recent match in Germany. And now we have photographic proof, right there on Mahomes’s Insta page.

Captioned with a simple sparkle emoji and a champagne emoji, the post shows Mahomes and Swift toasting alongside Lyndsay Bell (wife of tight end Blake Bell) and Paige Buechele (wife of quarterback Shane Buechele).

brittany and friends

Any halfway decent Swiftie will recognize this brick wall from Tay’s other New York hangs, but more importantly, Brittany’s pics are awash in that particular autumnal filter the pop star uses on some of her snaps with friends. This post is Taylor-edited and Taylor-approved, and so is Brittany Mahomes. She’s in.

brittany and friends1

Just as Brittany is apparently Taylor’s guide through the gauntlet of being an NFL plus-one, Taylor is introducing Brittany to the subtle art of going out with your girlfriends in NYC. And lest anyone think this pairing is totally random, the Mahomeses did attend the Eras Tour back in September. Brittany knows what she’s getting into. And cheers to that!


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