Sofia Vergara, 51, poses up a storm in striking red off-the-shoulder ensemble she calls ‘the perfect day-to-night look’



Sofia Vergara took to Instagram to show off a trendy red outfit while posing up a storm on Tuesday.  The 51-year-old America’s Got Talent star — who recently said she is ‘maybe’ dating Dr. Justin Saliman as she needs a beau to have ‘health and money’ — sported an off-the-shoulder red top and matching long skirt.

The stunning ensemble was decorated with printed white detailing and sported purple palm trees at its base while clinging to the actress’ body.  She paired the summery look with woven heels that complimented her hair and fresh tan.  ‘The perfect day to night look. I love these sets because they look just as good separately as they do together,’ the Colombian beauty penned in the caption.


Her lightly curled honey-brown locks cascaded over her shoulders while framing her face.  Vergara wore a stunning full-glam look, with her makeup showing off her rosy plump lips and full eyebrows.  She accessorized with a pair of dainty silver earrings and flashed her French manicure and gold ring. The post was a hit, and fans went wild in the comments.

One complimented the multi-hyphenate, saying, ‘Love this outfit, casual yet glamorous. Can wear it as a set, can also easily mix match with a variety of other pieces in style.’  When she’s not modeling new looks, the Modern Family alumna is taking care of her skin and focusing on herself.  Sofia has no intention of letting her looks slide, the siren told the new digital issue of People magazine.

She admitted that she will push back on nature for as long as she possibly can. ‘I’m going to fight it every step of the way!’ said the Griselda actress.  For now, she feels amazing: ‘I feel great. I know I don’t look the same. But I don’t think I am going to ever be the woman that has the courage to be, like, all-white hair.’  She has also tried every silly beauty treatment that is out there: ‘I’ve done it all. I mean, you tell me to put cement under your eye, you’re going to look younger, I’ll do it immediately. I do it all.’  ‘It’s like I put coconut oil on my head. I put it on my feet. I’ve wrapped myself in plastic with Aquaphor up to the neck. I’ll do it. I don’t care. It’s not stupid,’ she noted.

And the Griselda actress revealed her real beauty secret that anyone can do: sleep.  ‘I take sleeping seriously now. Before, I could survive on six hours, now I know that I don’t look good if I don’t sleep more,’ added the designer.  If she has a photo shoot, she tries to wake up earlier because she needs time to get rid of the ‘puffiness’: ‘Our job as actors, it’s not like, put your glasses on, and go pick up your kid at school or go and sit in a desk. You have to be camera-ready and do your job. But it takes longer now that I’m older,’ the star noted.

Sofia loves to keep herself looking her very best probably because of where she grew up: in Colombia.  ‘I think because I’m Latin, we always grow up thinking about looking good, doing your hair, your makeup. It’s something that makes you feel good,’ she said.  ‘I love beauty products. I love makeup, I love clothes. And I think now that I’m older, it’s great, because you know exactly what you like, what looks good on you, what doesn’t look good on you. I don’t do what is in fashion. I just do what feels good, makes me feel confident and beautiful.’


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