Shohei Ohtani’s Cars Are Large And In Charge

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With Japanese baseball superstar Shohei Ohtani signing the largest professional athlete contract in North American history at $700,000,000 for 10 years with the Los Angeles Dodgers, there’s little doubt how red hot the major league baseball pitcher and designated hitter is. His versatility as a double threat has added to his fame and fortune, which has also allowed the man to acquire quite the collection of cars we’re sure will grow with time.

These are some of the impressive vehicles Ohtani already has in his garage.

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Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG

For many, the S-Class represents someone who has finally “made it” since they can afford Mercedes’ flagship car. There’s little doubt Ohtani has arrived and then some, so we don’t think he bought this car to prove anything. Instead, he’s likely basking the in abundance of luxury while enjoying the breathtaking AMG performance.

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Rolls-Royce Wraith

It really shouldn’t be shocking that such a high-demand athlete like Ohtani has a Rolls in his garage. And out of all those on the market, the Wraith is an excellent choice. Not only is the Wraith brimming with luxurious features, technology, and power, it’s perhaps the most stylish of the brand’s current model lineup.

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Porsche Taycan S

Another brand that’s popular with the well-heeled, Porsches are often favored by athletes. Rather than go the traditional route and flash a 911 GT3, Ohtani has decided to go more cutting-edge with an all-electric Taycan S

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Aston Martin DB11

Exclusive and decidedly British, Aston Martins are unique machines few ever have the privilege of driving, let alone owning. Refined yet powerful and quick, the DB11 is an excellent choice for someone who wants to arrive in style and have plenty of fun getting there

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Bentley Continental GT

A true heavy-hitter just like Ohtani, the Bentley Continental GT is both exclusive and a tremendous performance machine. For those who haven’t seen one in person, they’re surprisingly large and have a commanding presence, making this a perfect fit for a dominating athlete.

car shohei

Tesla Model X P90D

At 6’4” Ohtani is tall, so it’s really no surprise his car collection reflects that. He opted for the largest Tesla, the Model X, likely for the same reason. And like many of his other rides, he chose the performance-oriented variant, the P90D.


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