Shohei Ohtani and his secret private life: Who is Kamalani Dung, the Hawaiian woman who could have been his girlfriend?

Kamalani Dung


Shohei Ohtani’s MLB free agency has been the talk of the offseason in world baseball but could he have also had a romance that he managed to keep hidden from the public eye, until now?  Like his future destination in the sport, the Japanese player similarly keeps his private left incredibly, well… private. Not much is known about the women he might like or whom he has previously dated except for one woman named Kamalani Dung.

She lists herself as a sportsperson with her chosen discipline being softball, the female-catered version of baseball, and represents Puerto Rico in the sport, as a right-handed pitcher. She won a gold medal at the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Interestingly, she is called the “YouTube Pitcher” as she learned how to throw a softball via tutorials on the video and streaming platform as opposed to conventional coaching lessons.  She had a successful college career in the United States, which allowed her to gain much of her popularity as she represented Fresno State and the University of California, Berkley, in the NCAA and Pac-12.

Kamalani Dung

She particularly starred for the UOC and became known as an ace pitcher with The Cal Golden Bears, posting 27 starts with a record of 1.96 ERA, 19 wins, 186 batters out, 160 innings pitched and allowing a batting average of just .181. She also scored their first perfect game in almost 10 years on her way to being named as MVP.

She’s thought to be 26 years old with a major in business administration and another in sociology. She is of Hawaiian and Chinese descent and has 54000 followers on the Meta-owned platform, Instagram.  It gives her a respectable audience, which she appears to use as an influencer by prompting various products, offers and showing off her life-style which is often relaxing on sandy beaches with clear-blue water.  Otherwise, not much is really known about her nor the extent of her association with Ohtani.

How hot are the rumors?

Her name was first linked in 2021 but little information is able to be discerned from her social media platforms, where she doesn’t mention him but she does follow him. Ohtani doesn’t actually return the favor but if he wants to keep his love life secret then why would he give anyone free breadcrumbs?  They have, however, met. That happened ahead of a Los Angeles Angels game when the pitching-hitting ace provided the Californian side with a walk-off (game-winning) homerun, which Dung posted about online.


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