Shaq walks out Angel Reese on LSU senior night while crowd pleads star for one more year



LSU basketball star Angel Reese wrapped up her fourth regular season with the Tigers on Sunday afternoon, leaving fans wondering if it marked her final game in Baton Rouge. With an additional year of eligibility at her disposal, Reese has a pivotal decision to make regarding her future on the court.

During Senior Night festivities, LSU faithful made their desires known loud and clear, expressing their hope for Reese to return for a third and final season. Walking onto the court alongside none other than basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, Reese’s bond with the 7-foot-1 Hall of Famer was on full display. What began as a connection during a recruiting visit for O’Neal’s daughter, Me’Arah O’Neal, blossomed into a profound relationship, with Reese considering Shaq a father figure in her life.

The heartfelt moment was accentuated by the presence of Reese’s mother, also named Angel, as they donned matching shirts declaring “Bayou Barbie is my favorite senior.” This display of support underscored the significance of the occasion, hinting at the uncertainty surrounding Reese’s future plans.

Angel Reese may be headed to the WNBA

Despite projections placing Reese as a top-10 pick in the upcoming WNBA Draft, the decision to turn professional remains ambiguous. While the allure of a lucrative career in the WNBA beckons, Reese’s deep ties to Louisiana and the potential for continued growth under the NCAA’s Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rules offer compelling reasons to stay.

Regardless of her decision, Reese’s journey has already left an indelible mark on LSU basketball. From winning a national championship to sharing poignant moments with Shaq and her LSU family, Reese’s legacy is one of resilience, talent, and profound connections both on and off the court. As the basketball world eagerly awaits her next move, one thing remains certain: Angel Reese’s impact transcends the game itself, leaving a lasting impression wherever her path may lead.


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