Peyton Manning’s Terrible Account of Playing Through Injury Makes Patrick Mahomes’ Brave Moment Shine Bright

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Peyton Manning is one of the most famous NFL players to have continued playing despite bearing a serious injury. Although the incident attracted celebration from the fans for Manning’s bravery. It paints a lighter picture of how serious and dangerous an injury can be for a player in the NFL.

manning joined Pat McAfee on his show, his former teammate at the Colts, and shared his experience. The jaw-break incident could have ended his career but somehow galvanized Manning to not miss a single game.

Peyton Manning – The Sheriff who never backed down

The former Colts and Broncos QB joined the punter turned podcaster Pat McAfee on his show. On the Pat McAfee show, the former punter asked Manning about the jaw-break incident. Manning shares, that, he was tackled by Bromell from the front with Taylor coming at him from the back, which saw him lying on the ground with a broken jaw.

McAfee goes on to ask him, “how many of those shots you take, broken jaw. How many games you missed? None?” Manning responds, “yeah I didn’t miss any I mean.” Despite enduring a broken jaw, Manning refused to let it hold him back and continued to play the entire season. Not only that, Manning has never missed a single game in the regular season except in 2015.

McAfee would continue to hype Manning for his excellence and seasons without many absences in the regular season. Although there are not many who can match the consistency that Manning brought to the game. There are others who have pushed through their injuries to be available to their team. One of the most recent iterations was earlier this year with Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes joins other QBs to push through the pain

When the stakes are high, the team turns to their captain for confidence. And the Chiefs have seldom turned to Patrick Mahomes as they sought a change of pace. Mahomes led the Chiefs to the Super Bowl, but his injury might have changed the course for the franchise. But Mahomes pushed through his injury in the playoff season earlier this year and delivered the Super Bowl to the Chiefs.

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We may get a look behind the scenes when the Quarterback documentary drops later this month on Netflix. It will shed further light on how significant the injury was for the Mahomes. And the possible repercussions had he aggravated the injury by continuing on the pitch.

Manning has set the standards for consistency when he was on the football pitch. And the story of Manning’s push through injury will surely inspire many young fans and current players to deliver to a higher standard.


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