Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Randi Mahomes Approves Taylor Swift’s Strong Message on Tackling the Haters

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Taylor Swift has already made a place for herself in the Chiefs Kingdom! Be it bonding with her boyfriend’s family or hanging out with his QB teammate’ better half, the singer slowly warmed the fans to her unexpected entry into the NFL.

Travis Kelce has often been seen quoting her lyrics, but it seems like he isn’t the only one who appreciates her songwriting. Patrick Mahomes‘ mother is another ‘Swiftie’ who has often complimented the popstar’s relationship with the Chiefs’ tight end and defended her against the hate. Recently, Randi Mahomes once more backed Swift up on her clapback in the song “Shake It Off.”

Randi Mahomes hypes up Taylor Swift to “Shake it off”!

While Kelce’s romance was under the radar of naysayers for quite some time initially, his teammates and extended Chiefs family welcomed Swift with open arms. ‘Magic’ Mahomes complimented the couple at the Opening Night of this Super Bowl, saying the singer is “a great person” and that it has been “awesome to see their relationship blossom.” It’s not just him, though, who has been smitten by the charming couple, but also the quarterback’s parents, who have nothing but praise for Swift.

Pat Mahomes Sr. has called the popstar “down to earth” in the past, while Randi gushed about her friendship with her daughter-in-law, Brittany. The two had been spotted often in the bleachers cheering for Chiefs and having fun at girls-night-outs. So when Swift’s interview about the inspiration behind one of her songs went viral, Randi didn’t back down from showing her support.

In a recent video, Swift is seen talking about the inspiration behind her 2014 hit, ‘Shake It Off.’ The singer reveals how she received a lot of ridicule online about her awkward dancing at award shows. So, instead of letting the criticism get to her, she channeled it into her song, where she talks about not letting the hate affect oneself. Randi, who’s previously confessed to being a Swift fan, reposted the video on her Instagram story and had some words of encouragement of her own. She wrote, “I love this! Shake it off girl.”

This isn’t the first time Mahomes’ mother has referenced Swift’s songs, though! Ahead of February’s Super Bowl, Randi posted a video flaunting her black outfit to the song “Ready For It?” There’s something about the singer’s songwriting that rings a nerve with everyone and resonates even with people from a whole different arena: football!
When Swift’s lyrics got the Chiefs’ flavor

It’s not just Kelce and Randi who love referencing her lyrics to fit the occasion; Swift, too, changed one of her song’s verses as a nod to her beau. During her Eras tour last year, The pop star performed her song, “Karma,” with a slight twist in Buenos Aires. Instead of the original line, “[Because] karma is my boyfriend…,” Swift chose to mention her lover back in Kansas City, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

Kelce, who happened to be in the audience with Swift’s dad, was taken aback, as concertgoers reported. But after the initial shock, the tight end couldn’t be happier and was blowing kisses and waving at the singer. The Chiefs’ favorite lyric for her girlfriend, though, is from a different song.

Blank Space from the 2014 album 1989 happens to have a line that Kelce can’t get enough of. “I could make a bad guy good for the weekend. That’s a helluva line,” he said, as per WSJ Magazine. Even Jason Kelce mentioned two of Swift’s song titles, “Wildest Dreams” and “All Too Well,” in his retirement speech (whether coincidentally or not)!

It’s evident that the Taylor Swift fever has gotten to the Chiefs Kingdom! A couple always under the eagle-eyed gaze of the cameras, the couple has successfully stayed strong and faced the heat.


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