NY Diner Recounts Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Dinner; Calls It ‘Super Intimate’



The alleged love story between the NFL’s new rumored couple is heating up. After her Eras Tour, Taylor Swift sent shockwaves throughout the NFL with her first appearance at Arrowhead. She was spotted with Travis Kelce‘s mother, Donna Kelce, in the Kansas City Chiefs VIP suite, showing her support for the Red Sea. And matters soon escalated for the world to witness.

Things between Kelce and Swift became even more eye-catching for fans when the two were reportedly seen driving away for a ride after the Week 2 game in the athlete’s car. Since then, these rumors have gained more attention, with almost everyone going ‘Taylor’s version.’ The NFL world is also eagerly awaiting their next move, and to the delight of their fans, a recent report suggests an alleged ‘intimate’ romance between the two superstars.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s intimacy gains attention from all around

It seems to be a honeymoon phase for the tight-end Travis Kelce. After winning back-to-back matchups, the athlete has been reportedly spotted enjoying his free time with his alleged love interest, Taylor Swift. Most recently, the two were captured by paparazzi during a date night that seemed filled with PDA at the Saturday Night Live afterparty.

The superstars cherished their time at the afterparty at Catch Steak on Saturday in New York City. A tweet stated, “A fellow diner recounts seeing Taylor and Travis on a date at The Waverly Inn last night.” This highlighted their presence for the first time in a private intimate setting.

The tweet further highlighted the comment of the sources about the two being seen sitting close to each other in a rounded booth, seemingly indulging in a deep conversation during the whole dinner. The reports mentioned the couple looking rather romantic and very intimate with each other, finally inducing sight of officiating the relationship in the near future.

Moments after, the tweet also highlighted, “[Also] definitely holding hands and laughing throughout dinner. They were just really enjoying each other’s company. I cannot emphasize enough how close they were sitting, like so close and snuggled up.” Swift and Kelce reportedly had a date right after they kicked off Season 49 of Saturday Night Live.

Kelce was in a skit with Swift, and later Swift introduced the musical guest Ice Spice. Post that, they were also seen getting cozy as per sources at the after-party of SNL, drawing massive admiration from the fans for their shared moments. However, besides that, other reports are also suggesting that Kelce might be the right guy for Swift if they are indeed involved in a romance.

Travis Kelce is the perfect man for a perfect date!

At the same event, sources claimed that the two appeared “very happy” together and also stayed at the party until morning (4 a.m.) Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift didn’t appear to be shy with each other, frequently seen holding hands. Moreover, during the show and party, the rumored couple mingled separately at times, but the pro athlete “kept going over to her and checking in on her every little while, like, ‘Are you good?’”

travis 87

Furthermore, the sources claimed, “He was going over and touching her, putting his hand on her lower back or putting his hands on her waist and then they would do a little kiss.” Others also commented that their intimate moments were accompanied by generous conversations with others as well, with Kelce giving Swift the space in the room to address others.

It was also highlighted that the footballer himself indulged in multiple conversations, being polite to everyone present in the room. These behaviors by the two, particularly Kelce’s alleged actions, suggest to fans that they hold a deep mutual respect and appreciate each other’s time and privacy. With that, what do you think of the budding romance between the two? Let us know in the comments.


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