Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan share rare photos of 3 daughters for his 40th birthday


Mark Zuckerberg’s daughters have made a rare social media appearance.  The Facebook co-founder and his wife, Priscilla Chan, posted pictures of their little ones while reflecting on his 40th birthday celebration.  “Grateful for my first 40 years!” Zuckerberg gushed via Instagram Tuesday. “Priscilla threw me a little party and recreated a bunch of places I lived in the early days. … Here’s to the next 40!”

mark Zuckerberg familyMark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan gave a rare glimpse of their daughters. Priscilla Chan/Instagram

mark Zuckerberg & kidsThe little ones helped the Facebook co-founder celebrate his 40th birthday. Mark Zuckerberg/Instagram

mark Zuckerberg family1Maxima, August and Aurelia dressed up for the occasion. Mark Zuckerberg/Instagram

Chan, 39, shared her own post, writing, “Mark doesn’t usually let me go big for his birthday but for his 40th I was allowed to throw a bash as long our friends and family also roasted him.  “We all had a blast!” she continued. “Let’s just say that no one suffered from a lack of material!”

The former pediatrician went on to put “jokes aside” and write, “As I reflect on the 21 of Mark’s birthdays we have spent together, one of my favorite things about Mark is how he really, truly believes in people. He sees the potential in all of us.”

mark Zuckerberg & wifeThe couple don’t often show their children’s faces on social media. Priscilla Chan/Instagram

mark Zuckerberg laughsThe “grateful” businessman gushed, “Here’s to the next 40!” Priscilla Chan/Instagram

Chan concluded, I have no idea what adventures are coming next, but I’m here for all of them. Here’s to many more.”  In both slideshows, Maxima, 8, August, 6, and Aurelia, 1, could be seen enjoying the festivities.

The couple’s eldest two children matched in white dresses, while the youngest wore a pink one with tights.  Zuckerberg, for his part, sported an all-black outfit and accessorized with the same chain he rocked in a viral photo from April.

He and Chan choose to keep their children’s faces off of the platform, usually only showing the backs of their heads.  Their followers praised the pair for revealing their “beautiful family.”

Zuckerberg and Chan met and fell in love in 2003 while attending Harvard University.  The duo married in May 2012 in the backyard of their Palo Alto, Calif., home.  Maxima arrived in December 2015, followed by August and Aurelia in August 2017 and March 2023, respectively.

mz kids                               Their daughters were born in 2015, 2017 and 2023.


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