LSU, Angel Reese Roasted On Social Media After Getting Destroyed By Colorado



LSU and Angel Reese didn’t start the basketball season in elite form.  The Tigers, who won the national title last season, have a superteam led by Reese and former Louisville star Hailey Van Lith that was expected to roll through women’s college basketball. Turns out they couldn’t even roll through game one.

The top-ranked Tigers and Reese, who rocked a crown prior to the game, lost to 20th Colorado 92-78 Monday night, and not a single player on the roster hit the 20-point mark.  Colorado had two players score at least 24 and a third chipped in 19.

LSU dragged on X after losing to Colorado.  Given how much nonstop trash and hype the Tigers have talked since April, the reaction online was exactly what you’d expect. Everyone had jokes.

Take a seat, buckle up and enjoy some of the best reactions below.

Remember when we were all told the LSU Tigers were the greatest thing to happen in the history of sports and Angel Reese was above criticism?

Let’s take a little bit of a step back in time. She taunted Caitlin Clark to no end in the NCAA Tournament title game, and it was a lot more than just simple trash talk.

She went out of her way to make a scene for seemingly no reason at all. Then, Angel Reese threatened to boycott the White House after Jill Biden, who probably isn’t exactly a diehard college basketball fan, suggested inviting Iowa and LSU.

Angel Reese invited all the attention she could find after winning a ring. No issue with that. Talk your game if you want, but understand that when you do, you open the door for massive criticism. The LSU star is currently trending and the reactions are overwhelmingly negative. Furthermore, the SportsCenter score announcement has 4.4 million impressions. Again, the reactions aren’t positive.

She literally put on a crown before the game started. You’re inviting people to crush you whenever you lose with those kinds of antics. What were they expecting once the clock hit zero?

LSU will still probably be fine this season, but expect a lot more rejoicing whenever they lose. It’s clear Angel Reese and the Tigers have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Let me know your thoughts on Angel Reese and LSU at


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