“Lil Kim Mulkey”: Angel Reese ‘Embarrasses’ New Teammate in Front of 2,500,000 People

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Louisville Cardinals’ point guard Hailey Van Lith surprised all when she decided to join Louisiana State University Tiger in April. As per critics and fans, it gave Lith an opportunity to join forces with the defending champions and solidify her ground for winning the coveted title. LSU Tiger’s head coach Kim Mulkey was already determined to make a star-studded team when she had opened the doors for Angel Reese earlier in 2022.

As for Van Lith as per sources, she had shared a relationship with Kim Mulkey since her high school. Taking cognizance of the same, Angel Reese was quick to crack a joke on Lith. Let us see what Reese had to share.

What did Angel Reese say to her new teammate?

As per Reese’s Instagram story, she uploaded a video of Hailey Van Lith calling her “Baby Kim,” and “Lil Kim Mulkey.” She even captioned the story as “Lil Kim Mulkey” where Van Lith can be seen blushing and going around the LSU training room. Van Lith can be seen continuing and talking about something while moving around when Reese poked fun at her.


Head coach Kim Mulkey had earlier helped LSU Tigers clinch the coveted title for the first time in history in only her second year during her current stint. Apart from Van Lith, Mulkey contributed to making a supercharged team by bringing in Aneesah Morrow and the Number second player in the 2023 class, Mikaylah Williams.

As per LSU County fan nation, LSU Tigers ticked all the major boxes for Van Lirth and hence she took the transfer step.  The reigning champions LSU Tigers would be looking to defend the NCAA title next season and with a power-packed team, the possibility of doing so remains high. Meanwhile, Reese has often been in the media for taking digs at other players including family members.

What did Reese do to her brother Julian Reese

One such incident occurred when she slammed her brother Julian Reese by calling his dunk “weak”. Julian was involved in a practice match with his team Maryland Terrapins. The athletes had divided themselves into two teams where Julian gave a pass to forward Donta Scott, only to receive it later. Julian scored a point by performing a dunk which led Angel to share it on her story and call it “weak.”

Thus, Reese has often been seen with her humorous take on her Instagram stories, just like she did with Hailey Van Lith on Wednesday. Do you enjoy Angel Reese’s Instagram stories? Do let us know in the comments below.


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