Lamar Odom Sends a Strong Message to Travis Kelce About Taylor Swift



Travis Kelce has received a bit of unsolicited advice from an unlikely source: Lamar Odom. And the former NBA player sent a strong message to Kelce about his relationship with Taylor Swift.  For context, Odom knows what it’s like to date an A-list celebrity as a high-profile professional athlete—he was married to Khloé Kardashian, after all. Their relationship infamously went south due to his infidelity and substance abuse issues. Now, Odom is sharing an important lesson, one he learned the hard way, with Kelce.

“My advice would be to be strong and stay by her and be as close to her as possible,” Odom told The Messenger in an interview published on Friday, Dec. 1. “There are going to be millions of women that want to taste what Taylor Swift is tasting and it can be overwhelming because we’re men. He just has to be strong and stick by his girl and he’ll be all right.”

Odom isn’t the first celebrity to weigh in on Kelce and Swift’s romance. Late last month, The View co-hosts recently listed off red flags they observed in Kelce.  “Some of the things he said raised some red flags for me,” Sunny Hostin said on the Nov. 21 episode of The View. “He said, ‘The biggest thing to me: Make sure I don’t say anything that would push Taylor away.’ What is he hiding then?”

Co-host Sara Haines also had hesitations about Kelce’s intentions.  “The red flag for me was when he admitted to thinking about retirement,” she explained. “And the quote was: ‘He confesses he thinks about it nonstop more than anyone could ever imagine.'”  Haines added: “He is huge in the football world, and then you go to Taylor Swift land, and I think that if you were thinking about next chapters, this would be lovely.”


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