Julia Roberts avoids shipping Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift



Oscar winner Julia Roberts is a Kansas City Chiefs fan with little interest in Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship

During press for her new film Leave the World Behind, Julia Roberts expressed little interest in shipping new celebrity couple Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.  When asked her thoughts on a potential nickname for the pair, Roberts politely declined to engage.  “What do you think their nickname should be, Taylor and Travis?” the interviewer asked. “Traylor?”   “I think lets just let them be the Kansas City Chiefs,” the Pretty Woman star replied.

julia robert 

In contrast, many other stars have enthusiastically endorsed the NFL star and pop phenomenon’s budding romance.  Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet gushed over Kelce as a “great guy” who seems happy, wishing he was dating the athlete himself.  “I love it. If Taylor wasn’t dating Travis, I would be dating Travis. My fiancé might have a problem with that,” the Modern Family star confessed. “My point is — he’s a great guy. I don’t know Taylor, but I know him. He seems happy. It’s great for human beings!”

Stonestreet is just one of several celebrities publicly rooting for Swift and Kelce’s relationship.  Katy Perry, Hilarie Burton, and Gigi Hadid have all approvingly commented on the unexpected pairing, with Swift fueling relationship rumors by attending Kelce’s football games and staying with him in Missouri.


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