“It’s Tough”: Hesitating to Bare His Heart Out, Stephen Curry Breaks His Silence Over Shocking $30,800,000 News

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Numerous teams have already started to make moves in the offseason, hoping to bolster the roster of their respective teams. One of them is the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors’ front office took a big decision that many didn’t see coming. After giving him a four-year $128 million extension, the Golden State Warriors traded away Jordan Poole in return for a veteran All-Star guard, hoping to make another run for a championship next season. Dealing with the business side of the sport, Warriors star Stephen Curry finally broke his silence on the whole ordeal.

The Golden State Warriors have made one of the most significant moves this offseason so far by acquiring 12x All-Star Chris Paul. While many expected Poole to lead the team into the future, the Warriors are trying to get the most out of the final years of the 35-year-old Steph Curry in his peak.

Stephen Curry finally gives his views on the trade

Paul was sent to the Wizards in the trade for Bradley Beal that was being pursued by the Phoenix Suns. Recently, Warriors guard Stephen Curry opened up about the team taking on Paul’s services along with his $30.8 million contract.

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Curry said, “You hate losing JP.” Poole was drafted by the Warriors in 2019 with the 28th pick in the first round. Poole was truly a gem of a find by the Warriors’ scouting staff and the front office. The four-time NBA champion talked about the bond he had developed with the 24-year-old.

Curry added, “But that’s the tough part of the business, seeing a young guy come into his own.” He told The Athletic, “It’s tough to see him go. But, you know, we’re trying to win next year and CP can help us do that.” The trade has made one thing clear though: the Warriors are not going to sit back and waste the final few fruitful years of Curry in the hopes of building a team for the future.

Warriors front office in a ‘win now’ mindset

It is always tough for teammates to see their teammates get traded to another team, but that’s just part of the business side of the sport. The Golden State Warriors are looking to make another push for a championship while Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson are in their primes.

And adding Chris Paul to the mix will certainly help their chances of making another deep playoff run. While Poole was a great asset to have in terms of the future, Golden State’s front office seems to be in a ‘win now’ mindset, which led to the trade.

Let’s see if this move actually works out in the favor of the Warriors this upcoming season.


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