“It Can Get Really Intense”: Kim Mulkey Faces Coach K’s Dilemma in Coaching Star-Studded Angel Reese, Hailey Van Lith and LSU Tigers


The NCAA season is set to start in November 2023. As the season is soon about to approach the teams are gearing up for another thrilling NCAA basketball season. Every team is polishing their skills, finalizing their strategies, and getting themselves ready.  In a recent appearance in front of the media, LSU head coach, Kim Mulkey opens up about her approach for the upcoming NCAA season.

Coach Kim Mulkey on balancing depth

The head coach of LSU, Kim Mulkey, is one of the most respected coaches. With her guidance, the LSU women’s basketball team secured the NCAA title last year. Her team includes top star-studded talents like Angel Reese and Hailey Van Lith. As the new NCAA season approaches, Coach Mulkey opens up about her approach in an interview during the SEC basketball media days

angel kim

In a recent interview, Kim Mulkey the head coach for the LSU women’s basketball team discussed her approach to determining the rotations of players on the opening night of a basketball season. Coach Mulkey stated that she hasn’t yet finalized those rotations, and her decision will be based on the depth of talent within her team.

She said, “Well, I haven’t determined that. We have a lot of depth that could be different every night. I tell them, it doesn’t matter who starts, you wanna be in the rotation of eight to nine players and because we have a lot of depth, it’s gonna be my job to make sure the right people are in the game at the right time.”

Coach Mulkey further continued, “Our practices are extremely, extremely intense and competitive as you can imagine. In fact, we don’t scrimmage against each other much because it can really, really get intense. Which is good but you don’t need to do that every day. We go against our dream team probably more than each other, just to make sure that I get a look from a coaching perspective of who I want on the floor but it’s all good.”

Coach Kim Mulkey’s ultimate goal is to ensure that the right players are on the floor to give her team the best chance to succeed.  Notably, Coach Kim Mulkey is coaching a star-studded team with players like Angel Reese and Hailey Van Lith.

The LSU head coach faces a unique challenge

As the NCAA season is soon about to approach, Coach Mulkey finds herself in the middle of a coaching challenge. Guiding and leading a team like LSU featuring players like Angel Reese and Hailey Van Lith, Coach Muleky finds herself in a similar situation as Coach K when he was the head coach of the ‘Redeem Team.’ Coach K had to make sure NBA legends like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Dwayne Wade played together for Team USA rather than playing with their ego.

The head coach of LSU finds herself in the same situation. She faces a challenge to make sure players like Reese and Lith play together as a team, despite their individual talents. However, we will find out if she successfully makes them play as a team, just like Coach K did with the Redeem Team, once the NCAA season starts.


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