Internet reacts to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s date night out in Buenos Aires – Video



We’ve already seen multiple videos of Travis Kelce’s romantic night out with Taylor Swift in Buenos Aires, the couple is hanging out while the weather receeds before her postponed concert on Saturday night. It is expected that the Kansas ity Chiefs’ TE attends the concert and eventually travels back to Kansas City in order to keep getting ready for next week’s NFL activity. But in the mean time, he made the decision to accompany Taylor Swift in south America and show her the same level of support she gave him when she atended all those Chiefs games. This gesture from Kelce took a turn on Friday night as Taylor introduced him to her father, which is making their relationship even more official than before


Fans want people to leave Travis and Taylor alone

It is only natural that people wold go wild over a Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce sighting in the streets of Bueno Aires. A video of the couple at a restaurant has gone viral where folks are screaming at Swift, a normal reaction for one of the biggest popstars in the world. But fans online have been quick to demand for people to leave the couple alone and allow them to spend some quality time together. As if they weren’t two of the most familiar faces in the Western world. Kelce is the start tight end of the most recent Super Bowl champion who happens to be dating the biggest popstar in the world. If they wanted privacy, they would’ve made different arrangements.

The Taylor Swift concert in the city of Buenos Aires will take place at River Plate’s Estadio Monumental. It is likely going to happen on Saturday and the Sunday show seems to be going well too. Tens of thousands of fans have been flooding the surroundings of River Plate’s stadium from the early hours of the day. After last night’s sighting, everybody will be on the lookout for Travis Kelce attending the concert and enjoying it backstage.


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