“I’m Just Glad He’s Found Somebody”: Coach Andy Reid Signs His Approval On Overwhelming Attention From Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift Romance



Coach Andy Reid expresses approval for the high-profile romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. The Chiefs’ center-stage status in the NFL due to this union is welcomed by Reid. The convergence of sports and entertainment unfolded as Kelce attended Swift’s concert in Argentina over the weekend, drawing attention to the dynamic connection.

Travis Kelce was the center of attention during Taylor Swift’s “Eras” tour’s international leg, featuring an unforgettable performance. The All-Pro tight end’s presence becomes integral, even getting the team involved in one of Swift’s hit songs. The weekend unfolds with clips showcasing Kelce and Swift supporting each other, prompting Coach Andy Reid to share his thoughts during a Zoom press conference.

Recently, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift had a lovely date at Elena restaurant in Buenos Aires, joined by Swift’s dad at her concert. Sources from PEOPLE say Kelce was beaming, and the couple left hand in hand, sparking cheers from onlookers.

Coach Andy Reid Cheers as Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift Take Center Stage

Coach Andy Reid nonchalantly addresses Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s romance, expressing contentment for their happiness. Andy Reid is known for his humorous touch. He previously welcomed Swift to Chiefs games, playfully attributing their meeting and friendship to his influence.


“Nobody’s really mentioned much on that. You know, it is what it is. And I’m just glad he’s found somebody he likes. And she’s found somebody she likes. And that’s a good thing.” Said, Coach Reid during an interview with Kansas City-based reporter Tod Palmer.  In a lighthearted tone, Reid pointed out the positive aspect of the budding relationship, appreciating that both Kelce and Swift have found someone they like.

Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs benefited from Taylor Swift’s rippling effect. Kelce’s jersey sales grew fourfold, making him one of the top 5 NFL players. With brother Jason, his “New Heights” podcast became a number-one hit by Apple. StubHub reported a three times increase in chiefs ticket searches, Kelce got 383,000 Instagram followers. Swift effect, a phenomenon that ensured the team set record ticket sales in the 2023 season.

Coach Andy Reid endearingly joins the party as the fans enjoy the romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift. The bond is as true in love as it is in sport; from first dates in Buenos Aires to Kelce’s success ripple.


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