Forget Taylor Swift… this is Travis Kelce’s true love which also drives bro Jason and Patrick Mahomes crazy



It looks like Travis Kelce has a sweet obsession… and this time we’re not talking about Taylor Swift. In a recent episode of their podcast New Heights, Travis and his brother Jason got onto the topic of their favorite snacks.

“The best thing about any amusement park is not the rides. It’s the Dippin’ Dots,” began Philadelphia Eagles star Jason. He couldn’t hold back his passion for the sweet treat: “It’s the ice cream of the future that has been the ice cream of the future now for 40 years and has never made it outside of amusement parks.”

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Travis couldn’t agree more, and Jason expressed his exasperation at the fact that he hasn’t seen the ice cream treat outside of theme parks.  That was when Travis interjected, explaining that there was just one unexpected place he’d seen tubs and tubs worth of the stuff: in Patrick Mahomes’ garage.

“I’ve seen them at Pat Mahomes’ garage. He’s got a freezer of Dippin’ Dots,” said Swift’s new man to which Jason replied: “What is he Richie Rich? He’s just got random like – does he have a rollercoaster in his backyard, too?”.  Food is a topic that comes up regularly in conversation in the pair’s podcast. In fact, just the other day they discussed which was their favorite fast-food burger. For any who’s wondering, the conclusion was Burger King.


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