Fans Applaud Travis Kelce Staying True to Himself After Clothing Choice Goes Viral



To some, Travis Kelce may have been making a statement of some sort with one of his latest clothing choices, but in reality—and as a self-proclaimed lover of fashion—the NFL star was likely, simply just getting dressed.

In recent video footage taken by a fan and shared via TikTok after Sunday’s football game against the Las Vegas Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end was caught on camera wearing a black t-shirt with white writing that read “Crazy Horse Las Vegas,” and eagle-eyed fans pointed out that it’s the name of a famous Nevada-located strip club.

As always, the sporty look was stylishly paired with a colorful Nike windbreaker sweatsuit and accessorized with a matching black and white snapback cap.  The Catching Kelce alum’s public show of support for the establishment had folks wondering if he had hit up the gentleman’s club following his team’s win over the weekend, but mainly, internet users were just thrilled to applaud him for staying true to himself amid his highly-publicized relationship with Taylor Swift.

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“Very good of him,” one wrote in part, while another agreed, “And he shouldn’t be afraid! Everyone should be themselves.”  A third said it’s “good to be strong on someone’s own not too dependent on others,” alluding to the thought that if he’d wear it before being linked to the “Bad Blood” singer, why wouldn’t he wear it now?

Someone else sarcastically penned, “Oh wow he wore a shirt,” further drawing attention to the fact that everything is not as big of a deal as it may seem.  Whether he did visit Crazy Horse or not is unconfirmed, as the venue prioritizes the privacy of its guests. “As a policy, we do not disclose or comment on the identities of individuals who choose to enjoy their time within our club, ensuring a discreet experience” they told TMZ, but as for Kelce’s relationship, Traylor is still going strong.

The pop star reportedly flew back into Kansas City after wrapping her recent Eras Tour shows in South America, and the couple allegedly plans to spend the rest of the holidays together during their time off.


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