Emma Raducanu spent a night with his boyfriend Carlo Agostinelli at Oswald’s

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Emma Raducanu recently spent a night out at one of London’s luxurious nightclubs celebrating Carlo Agostinelli’s birthday.  In recent months, Emma Raducanu has frequently been spotted with Carlo Agostinelli. Recently, the two traveled to Mexico City and Paris together to attend a variety of Dior-sponsored events.

Robert Agostinelli, an American private billionaire with a base in London, is the father of Agostinelli, a Stanford alumnus and senior soccer star. Raducanu is the global ambassador for the luxury brand Dior, whose head of public relations is Mathilde Favier.

After undergoing two surgeries on her wrists and ankle recently, Raducanu is currently out of competition. As she recovers from the surgeries, the British tennis player has been spending time with her friends and family.  Despite the fact that Emma Raducanu is not playing because she is still recovering from her surgeries, she is still one of the most followed British personalities in the UK.


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