Emma Raducanu showcases how she balances sponsor work and training after raking in over £12m last year



Emma Raducanu has opened up on how she balances working with her sponsors and getting enough time on the court.


Raducanu is one of the most in-demand athletes in the world after her sensational US Open win in 2021.  The 21-year-old has made millions from various endorsement deals from big name brands like Tiffany, Evian, Porsche, HSBC, and many more.

The Mail reported that she made £12.1million over the past year.  Criticism has often been aimed at the Brit for spending too much time on red carpets and promoting her sponsors, rather than putting in the hours on the court.  Raducanu’s latest Instagram post has given an insight into how she juggles her commitments off the court, with her training on it.

emma rad wt racket

While posting training videos, she said: “When I get asked how I balance everything the answer is a 22:30 wrap on court after a productive day with @hsbc_hk.”  Raducanu’s agent, Max Eisenbud, previously defended the endorsement deals they have made, claiming to have left millions on the table.

Speaking to The Tennis Podcast, Eisenbud said: “If you are looking at the Emma Raducanu situation or any of those players who have been thrust into the thing. Our job is to educate them on what is available to them.  “In Emma’s situation we could have done 100 deals. She could be doing deals and deals and deals.

“They left millions and millions on the table. They strategically took the best brands with the most limited time, who understood it would be a rocky road.  “None of her sponsors have ever rung up and said ‘oh my god, I can’t believe she’s not winning’. No one.  “I know people want to say ‘oh she’s got the pressure’. The pressure she has is she won a great tournament and she wants that feeling again and wants to keep winning.

“I don’t think she’s waking up and thinking ‘HSBC is mad’. Sponsors are supportive through injury.  “I know people want the narrative that the ‘big, bad IMG’ are bringing in all this money. We are a pretty well established company and we’re not living and dying on a commission for Emma Raducanu.”  Raducanu has spent most of the 2023 season out with injury after having surgery on both wrists and her ankle.  She is targeting a return to the court for the 2024 season.


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