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In this series, Bazaar’s multiplatform beauty director speaks to inspirers in the public eye about the wellness rituals and routines that work for them. Here, Bridget March meets the globally revered British tennis player Emma Raducanu in her role as Evian’s global brand ambassador. Fresh from competitions on the court, the 21-year-old discusses how she fuels her training, maximises recovery, and what her ideal days off consist of…

Following an injury-ridden 2023, tennis ace Emma Raducanu has received high praise for her return to the court this year, competing in the Australian Open in January and the Qatar Open earlier this month. At just 21, the British athlete is already one of the world’s most famous tennis stars – something that inevitably comes with both physical and mental pressures.


Clearly, she takes her self-care seriously – listing to me the myriad ways in which she invests in her wellbeing (“either monetarily or conceptually”), as well as maintaining boundaries around requests beyond her bandwidth (“especially in the hours ‘off’”).

Below, Raducanu outlines her daily rituals, the non-negotiables for her wellbeing, and a few of her favourite things…

On her morning routine…

“I’m an early riser at the moment, typically around 6am. I like reading first thing; I’ve got a couple of great books on the go right now. I’ll then set myself up the day ahead, which usually involves a coffee and a bottle of water before I head to training so I know I’ve started my day hydrated. I also take my supplements – when I can remember to do so!”

On her typical working day…

“Typically, I start my day with physio doing muscle activation work to warm the body up. Then I warm up for half an hour, play tennis for 90 minutes, have an hour gym session, then break for lunch for around 90 mins.  “After lunch, I go on court for another two hours and finish with an hour of treatment. It’s quite a lot but not much beats the satisfaction you get from it at the end of the day.”

On staying grounded…

“A big thing for me is spending time alone to wind down. I am a bit of a lone wolf and after an intense day, where I either push myself to the limits training or have many social interactions, I like to spend time alone reflecting and recharging. Being comfortable in my own company and in the silence that comes with it is something that helps me stay fresh.”

her evening routine…

“At the moment I’m putting in long training days – double sessions – so by the time I’m back after the gym and my treatment it’s between 6 and 7pm. So, I’ll have dinner, read again if I have any energy left, and pack my bags for the following day before getting an early night.

“For my skin I use Dior La Mousse for cleansing. I sweat a lot during training, so it’s perfect for me to remove all the dirt from my pores. I also use the Dior Le Baume to moisturise my hands and lips. I love the look of the round tube with the Dior Oblique motif. It’s both couture-like and ergonomic; I like to use it as a travel size accessory too, so it’s always nearby.”

On fuelling her lifestyle…

“I snack a lot – before and during training especially. I need high-sugar and quickly digested snacks to keep me going. I love fruits, nuts, yoghurt, chocolate rice cakes, crunchy nut butters, granola, popcorn, and healthy bars – that kind of thing.

“Planning my mealtimes is also vital for two reasons; firstly I am a huge foodie and the type of person that looks forward to my next meal while I’m having the current one! Secondly, because during long, intense sessions I need to maintain focus and energy.

“Obviously staying hydrated helps ­– and is also key for recovery. I aim to drink at least two litres of fluids a day. Healthy hydration is also really important to my overall wellbeing, which is why I’m so happy to continue my partnership with Evian to ensure I’m getting my natural mineral water fix when I’m both on and off the court.”


On her precious down-time and prioritising commitments…

“My ideal day off would be waking up at 8am, reading in bed, scrolling through Reels or TikToks, then showering and catching up with a friend over some window-shopping or a walk – a day off is the only time I have to do these things.  “Ideally, I would have a big, late lunch and be home by 5pm to get ready for the week ahead, and have something light for dinner.”

“I’d tell my younger self that it’s OK to say ‘no’ and prioritise what feels best for myself, especially in the hours ‘off’. Regardless of others’ perceptions, deep down we know when we are doing something truly for ourselves or rather because we feel we ought to.”


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On the best investments for her health…

“As athletes, our professional teams are very expensive, so that would be my biggest investment. From physio, fitness and tennis to food and discipline, all are investments – whether in terms of money or time – and all are in a bid to make our general ‘health’, plus our physical and mental levels, improve.”


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