Did Tom Brady Wish Gisele Bündchen on Her Birthday? 250 Days After Titanic Divorce, Supermodel Turns 43



The news of Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s divorce shook the NFL world in 2022. Following what can only be described as a change of heart from Tom Brady. Gisele and the Bucs man decided to part ways as the QB stepped back into the Gridiron. After almost 8 months since their split, Gisele will encounter their first birthday without her partner by her side.  With her birthday just hours away, the Brazilian Supermodel turns 43 in July. This will invite wishes from all over the world, but will it include her ex’s words among her birthday wishes?

Tom Brady – Will he? Won’t he?

One question that may be on Gisele’s mind is whether her husband will reach out to her on her birthday. But one that she’d rather not admit or confront. Although their divorce wasn’t a bloodbath, as many would have expected, it still put a noticeable ridge between the two. But it shouldn’t mean that the former Patriots man won’t wish his ex on her upcoming birthday. Since it can be believed the respect they hold for the other is greater than their reasons for going in their own direction.

In a relationship that spanned nearly 2 decades, the two grew quite fond of each other. Since they would welcome their first child, just months after they tied the knot. Meanwhile, they would continue to propel their relationship forward over the years despite admitting there were struggles between them. Their relationship has seen ups and downs like any other relationship in the world, but they have continued to support each other in spite of any difference of opinion.

They may not hold each other in the same light as they did when they were married together. But it hasn’t changed the respect Brady and Bundchen hold for the other, as Brady would tag Gisele on his Mother’s Day post earlier this year. It was a sign of a healthy relationship they continue to harbor despite splitting up back in October 2022.

How have they coped since the ‘split’?

gisele alone

While Brady went back and foabirth on his decision to quit the NFL, Gisele developed mixed feelings towards his decision. The supermodel was vocally supportive of her husband’s decision to return to the sport upon Brady’s announcement. But over time, she developed concerns that were ultimately expressed near the opening weeks of the NFL. This ultimately led to the couple splitting up late in October, and have been doing well ever since. Brady would not win his 8th Super Bowl but has since retired from the NFL for good, allegedly.


Gisele has been taking vacations and spending time with her friends. As she continues to share custody with her husband for their kids, Vivian and Benjamin. Both Brady and Bundchen have been working amicably to do the best for their kids so neither parent feels left out.

Gisele turns 43 in July and will celebrate her first birthday outside of a relationship after a long time. Will she hope to receive a message from her ex? Will Brady even text her ‘Happy birthday’? The fans can only wait for updates regarding the same.


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