Chiefs’ Travis Kelce Responds to Mark Cuban’s Taylor Swift Remark on ‘First Take’

swift strolling


Travis Kelce responded to Dallas Mavericks governor Mark Cuban jokingly telling Taylor Swift she should break up with the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and date one of the Mavs’ players instead, telling Cuban he should sign him to a 10-day contract.

A fun retort from Kelce, especially since Cuban was basically like, “Hey, ditch that guy, Taylor!”  It’s no surprise that a businessman like Cuban would join in on the Swift conversation. Her appearance at Sunday’s Chiefs game had her millions of fans—many of whom may not often watch football—suddenly interested in the NFL.

That, in turn, had a tangible effect for the league. The game was viewed by 24.3 million people, with a 63 percent increase in viewership from women. And Kelce’s jersey jumped into the top five in sales across the NFL and he gained more than 300,000 new followers on Instagram.


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